Dorm life can be fun and exciting; it's a great way to meet new people who have similar interests to you and you're guaranteed to make some new friends. Unfortunately, the one huge negative that comes from living in a dorm is the dreaded communal bathroom, a phrase guaranteed to send shudders down the spine of every college student. Here are just a few struggles faced when using communal bathrooms.

1. Wearing shoes to shower.

Wear flip-flops in the shower just feels unnatural: they make it easier to trip, and if you don't pick quality ones, there's a chance your shoes will get moldy. The alternative is getting a foot fungus, however, so take your chances with the shower shoes.

2. Hair. Everywhere.

Are your floormates literally shedding? Wherever you turn in the bathroom, there's hair everywhere: the sinks, the showers drains, the shower walls. 

3. Wet floors.

Either people trail water behind them when they leave the shower, or they forget to pour out any water from their shower caddies and spill it on the floor instead. Make sure you never go into the bathroom barefoot; you could slip.

4. The risk of having your things stolen.

If you leave your shower caddy and towel in the bathroom, you run the risk of having someone steal your shampoo or use your towel. It's best to keep everything in your room.

5. Waiting for a shower or bathroom stall.

Depending on the number of people on your floor and the size of your bathroom, you may find yourself waiting a long time for one to open up. This can be especially annoying if you're in a rush.

6. Multiple people playing music.

If you like to play music while you shower, you may find that when you shower at the same time as other people, you're warring for who has the loudest tunes. This is part of the reason I like to shower at off-times when no one else is in the bathroom.

7. Nonexistent water pressure.

If a shower is serving dozens of people on a daily basis, the water pressure and heating are probably pretty bad. Usually, your hot shower turns into a lukewarm one that leaves you shivering.

If you're using a communal bathroom, take comfort in the fact that you won't have to use one forever and that everyone else on your floor is suffering from the same issues. Remember to always wear your shower shoes!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels