Naps are an essential part of every college student's life: when you aren't keeping a regular sleep schedule, grabbing quick naps here and there can keep you feeling energized and refreshed. Unfortunately, there are days when you need a nap but don't have time to go back to your dorm and sleep, and so you're forced to forget the nap or find somewhere to sleep around campus. Fresh U is here with a few suggestions for napping locations that are guaranteed to leave you feeling rested without having to hike back to your dorm room.

1. The armchairs in the library.


Most college libraries are equipped with comfortable couches or armchairs that are perfect for napping. Pick one to curl up on, stick in your headphones and you're set.

2. Study carrels.

IUPUI UL Reference via Flickr Creative Commons

Study carrels are perfect because you're blocked off from the rest of the library, letting you nap in peace. Use your jacket as a pillow and get ready for a relaxing nap.

3. Under tables and desks.


This one's best for quiet, mostly empty libraries, but if you think you can pull it off, go ahead. Pick an empty table, throw your backpack onto it so people know it's taken, and curl up underneath it. It's dark, quiet and there's a good chance that no one will even notice you're there.

4. On the grass.


If your campus has a large, open lawn that students like to lie down on, you've found a perfect napping location. If the weather's nice, spread out a jacket (or go straight for the grass if you're feeling bold) and enjoy a nice outdoor nap.

5. Between two chairs.


This one is good if you can't find a single comfortable place to lie down. Stick two chairs together (add a third in the middle if you're especially tall) and lie down between them. It may not be as comfortable as a couch, but it'll do in a pinch.

6. In the dining hall.

Rev Viste via Flickr Creative Commons

If you pick a time that isn't too busy, napping in the dining hall is completely possible. Pick a seat in the corner of the room so that you're still relatively secluded even if people show up and doze off. 

7. In your car.


If you have a car on campus and find yourself closer to your parking space than your dorm room, you've found a perfect napping spot. You can doze off in the driver's seat, but if you want to do some serious napping, curling up in the back seat is your best bet.

Don't think that you'll have to miss your daily nap just because class and activities keep you away from your dorm throughout the day. With some careful scouting of your campus, you're guaranteed to find spots on campus that are perfect for napping even in the middle of the day.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels