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Dec 13 2016
by Nancy Canevari

13 Times You Were Chandler Bing During Finals Week

By Nancy Canevari - Dec 13 2016

Finals week is upon us, and with it comes all of the whirlwind stress of cramming for sixteen different exams and studying information you never knew in the first place. In an attempt to unwind, here's a look at thirteen times Chandler Bing, from the hit TV show "Friends," perfectly encapsulated how we feel during finals.

1. When you fall asleep in the library.

2. When you open your first exam and realize you don't know any of the answers.

3. When you finish your first exam and then remember you have three more, plus two papers, plus three presentations and a group project.

4. When you've been studying for hours.

5. When you realize you haven't learned anything this semester.

6. When you start studying and realize how much you still have to do.

7. When people are talking on the quiet floor of the library.

8. When you're dead inside but you're still trying.

9. When your friends ask if you're doing okay.

10. When you're taking your exams and grabbing for information that you don't remember.


11. When your bloodstream has become 20% coffee.

12. When you haven't been outside in two weeks.

13. When you finish your last exam and can finally go home.

Remember — there are only a few days until winter break. You can do it!

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Nancy Canevari - Smith College

Nancy is a junior editor for Fresh U. She is a sophomore at Smith College and plans on double majoring in secondary education and English, with a concentration in creative writing. She's originally from New Jersey, a place she views with one part love and one part exasperated disgust. She loves dogs and young adult high fantasy novels a bit too much and spends most of her time drinking tea and yelling about politics. Follow her on Instagram @fearlesslynancelot for some solidly mediocre content.

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