Dorm buildings often don’t have the best ventilation systems, which can mean that pesky smells linger around for much longer than you’d like. You don’t need to live in discomfort, however: there are plenty of quick and simple ways to get rid of annoying smells and keep your dorm room smelling clean and fresh, all without breaking the bank. Here are just a few options.

1. Air Fresheners

divya desai via Flickr Creative Commons

Products like Lysol and Febreze are a great way to get rid of smells quickly by replacing them with pleasant odors. Lysol also kills germs, which will keep you from getting sick.

2. Candles


If your dorm allows you to burn candles, they’re a great way to diffuse nice smells through the air and replace bad ones. They also provide a cute and homey feel to your dorm. Get this aromatherapy set for $29.95.

3. Baking Soda


If the smell is coming from your carpet or upholstered furniture, sprinkling some baking powder onto the surface should help draw out the odor. Make sure to let the baking soda sit for a few hours for maximum effectiveness.

4. Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds are a great way to neutralize a smelly garbage can if the trash bag isn’t full yet. Simply dump half a cup of grounds into the can with the other garbage.

5. Clean your lightbulbs.


Pervasive substances, like cigarette smoke, can permeate lightbulbs, which leaves odors sticking around. If you have lamps in your room that use standard lightbulbs, cleaning them is a good way to get rid of smells.

6. Use your microwave.

aristney via Flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes the answer to your pesky smell problems is as close as your microwave. Stick a food item that smells nice – a cookie, coffee – in your microwave and heat it for a few seconds. If the bad smell isn’t too strong, this should work well.

7. Kitty Litter


Kitty litter works by absorbing unpleasant odors, so the next time your sneakers or garbage can are smelling bad, throw in some kitty little to remedy it. Get a small box of kitty litter here

8. Chalk


Chalk absorbs moisture, which is a huge cause of many bad odors. Hang some pieces up in your closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Add this 12-count chalk set to your next Amazon order.

9. Open your windows.


Sometimes the key to removing bad odors is to let in the fresh air. Opening the windows will also allow bad smells to escape the room, rather than letting them sit in a stuffy dorm.

10. Vinegar

eak_kkk via Flickr Creative Commons

Vinegar has the power to deodorize an entire room. Stick a bowl on a surface in your dorm and wait for the smell to dissipate. Get simple distilled vinegar here for only $3.50.

Deodorizing your dorm room doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal: you can get rid of pesky smells quickly and easily with a few cheap and readily accessible household items. You’ll no longer have to feel embarrassed when you bring guests over.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels