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Dec 05 2016
by Morgan Bayless

7 Things I Learned From Going Viral on Twitter

By Morgan Bayless - Dec 05 2016

Twitter is a big place. I always knew that. However, I learned just how big it was this past weekend when I accidentally went viral. 

Having noisy neighbors is a problem every college student has likely faced, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. It sincerely sounded like the guys above me were participating in a WWE Smackdown. I had previously emailed my CA asking him what to do about this situation – he never got back to me. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wrote a pretty gnarly note, and then my roommate and I went to tape it to their door.

Morgan Bayless

 I had honestly forgotten I did it until three hours later the boys came back with the strongest rebuttal in the world.

Morgan Bayless
Morgan Bayless

It was so funny I had to post it on Twitter. Then the tweet blew up...

And I learned a few things I wasn’t expecting to learn.

1. People will start to recognize you, which can be a good and bad thing.

I am a “fly under the radar” kind of person. I like to walk quietly through campus with my headphones in and I eat all my meals alone with no shame. I am also the type of person who instead of confronting loud neighbors, will tape a nasty note to their door, knock, and run away. So, when this whole thing blew up, I didn’t expect people to notice me as much as they did. I went to a party this past Friday and as I was leaving I was stopped by a boy who told me he saw my tweet and thought it was hilarious (but that the neighbors deserved the fame and not me). This kind of thing has been happening now for a few days, mostly via Twitter now. In fact, a few friends who moved out of state years ago messaged me about it, and we had the chance to catch up! Being noticed isn’t always my favorite thing, but I’m not saying I hate it right now either.

2. Your mom will find out about it, even if you didn’t tell her.

Not only will your mom find out about it, but so will your neighbors, high school psychology teacher, and ex-boyfriend’s parents. Having two teenage brothers who practically live on social media does not help this situation either. Lucky for me, my parents have always been open-minded people and thought the whole situation was hilarious. Nonetheless my mom did mention that she wasn’t too fond of my choice of words. But if we’re being honest, every time she calls me now she refers to me as “Twitter famous” and then proceeds to ask me for my autograph.

3. Using offensive language does not make you a bad person, but you will look like a royal asshole.

If you have read the letter I wrote, it is clear that my vocabulary isn’t the nicest. I’ve been told that I have a sailor’s mouth and the mind to match. I’ve never personally been offended by swear words which is probably why I never find too much of an issue in using them. However, I realize now that calling someone an asshole and talking about their “lead f****** feet” is not a very kind thing to do. I’m a person who respects other people’s opinions, and if someone’s opinion is that I shouldn’t publicly use swear words, I will respect that. Admittedly I did not take this into consideration before posting the note, but I certainly will now. I will also cease to refer to people as assholes because that’s generally not a very nice thing to do.

4. Not everyone will be happy with your tweet...

There were a ton of nasty comments directed towards my tweet, which is expected because my note wasn’t very welcoming. From people pointing out the spelling errors in the note...

To disagreeing with how we approached the situation.

 Personally, I’m taking all of it as a joke because that’s exactly what I intended for my note to be – a joke.

5. But most people will see the humor in it. 

With the Twitter beef that ensued came a large amount of support from friends and strangers. When one account questioned my class and writing ability, a few people fired back.

I know who I am and what I stand for, and I don’t believe a note can define me as a writer or as a human being. And a lot of people thought it was funny, and even started shipping us and the boys above us...

6. Anything you put on the internet has the chance of going viral.

I constantly see outrageous things that go viral and think to myself, “Why would they ever post that on the internet?” Now I know why – that person more than likely didn’t think it was going to spread across the country and onto several different social media platforms. I mean, I know I didn’t. Had I known that this would happen, I probably would have written something a lot more clever with a lot less profanity. Now my vulgar mouth and sub-par handwriting are on the internet for all to see. The only piece of advice I have here is to watch what you put on the internet if you aren’t prepared for the backlash.

7. Everything is an opportunity in the making.

While it's only been several days since this started, a lot has happened. I never would have thought that my passive-aggressive attitude would lead me to writing an article – but here I am! Many people might see what I did as irritating or flat-out rude, but as teenagers, this type of thing is funny to us. No harm was done, no fist-fights broke out, and I even offered the boys candy canes as a form of truce. The big thing that came out of this experience is that I am currently writing an article for Fresh U. As a creative writing major, that feels like a win to me.

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Morgan Bayless - Slippery Rock University

I am a freshman at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. I am currently majoring in English with a focus in creative writing & minoring in communications soon. I classify myself as an optimistic opportunist. Follow my Instagram and Twitter if you appreciate inspirational stories and/or vulgarity: @morgxmarie.

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