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Dec 21 2016
by Morgan Bayless

6 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't A Total Disaster

By Morgan Bayless - Dec 21 2016

Between the death of an innocent gorilla the world has come to know as the beloved Harambe and the most nonsensical election America has ever seen, it can be easy to lose sight of the good things happening around the world. Here are six reasons why 2016 wasn't a total dumpster fire.

1. Six women prove that the glass ceiling is shattering.

Something came out of election day besides Trump rants and Obama/Biden memes — six culturally diverse women were elected into governmental office. All of these women were the first of their race or culture to be voted into the seat they were holding. Among this wonderful melting pot were two Indian-Americans and a former Somali refugee. These women are paving the way for not only the female population but minorities everywhere as well.

2. Disney released thirteen films this year.

However dark and twisted 2016 may have been, it is important to remember that after thirteen years we finally got the Finding Nemo sequel we've all been waiting for. Disney continued its tradition of putting out movies that inspire us all following the releases of feel-good movies like Zootopia and Moana.

3. Child mortality is the lowest it has ever been.

In 1960, infant and child mortality rested hauntingly at 18.2 percent worldwide. Today, the number sits at just 4.25 percent. While this number is still high, it is worth noting that this year is the lowest it has been in almost sixty years. This number also means that the percent of children living until five years or older is at 95.75 percent — this highest it has ever been.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar. 

Being that Leo has tackled characters ranging from Romeo to Jordan Belfort, it is easy to see why he has been nominated for such a wide array of awards. However, it was only this year that our beloved Leo won his first Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. This just goes to show that all it takes to win an Academy Award is to literally fight a bear to the death.

5. U.S. Women's Gymnastics won gold. 

This year the U.S. won a total of 121 medals with 61 of them being won by women alone. One of the gold medals won was by the spunky and awe-inspiring team of young gymnasts we know as the "Final Five." Between reigning Olympic champion Aly Reisman and reigning world champion Simone Biles, the team was comprised of unstoppable winners.

6. The DAPL was rerouted.

After months of pain and protest, the Army Corp of Engineers announced that they would be suspending and rerouting the pipeline that would have tainted the drinking water of the Sioux Tribe. 

So, not all bad! When thinking about how bad this year was, try to remember the good things that happened, it'll cheer you up, at least a little.

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Morgan Bayless - Slippery Rock University

I am a freshman at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. I am currently majoring in English with a focus in creative writing & minoring in communications soon. I classify myself as an optimistic opportunist. Follow my Instagram and Twitter if you appreciate inspirational stories and/or vulgarity: @morgxmarie.

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