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Feb 01 2016
by Monica Roselli

What It's Like to Lose Your College Best Friend

By Monica Roselli - Feb 01 2016
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The night that I first met Meghan, I knew we’d become friends fairly quickly. I first met Meghan in the lounge while waiting to go to the midnight barbecue Mizzou had had the first night students moved into the residence halls. We immediately bonded over the fact that neither of us had had roommates and that both of us were from the Chicagoland area. After a few hours at the barbecue, we swapped phone numbers and agreed to go to lunch the next day.

Well, we went to lunch the next day and before long, we started doing a lot of other activities on campus together. After a few weeks, it became a habit to include the other person in whatever activity was on the agenda for the day. From Friday movie nights, to walks to the cupcake shop in downtown Columbia, we became super close and quickly learned tons of facts about each other. After a month or so, people just assumed we were roommates.

At the end of November, we started planning out our summer housing so we could get a jump-start on the residency process. Plans about visiting each other over winter break and thinking about getting jobs for the coming semester also became a popular topic between us. We never thought that we would have to coordinate a time to say goodbye to each other instead of coordinating what to pack for our summer apartment.

The day before I returned to Mizzou from winter break, I texted Meghan to see what time she would be getting back to campus. Instead of reading a time on my phone screen, I read the four words no one wants to see from their college bestie. The texting bubble was soon replaced by the words, "I’m not coming back." I was shocked, and my mind suddenly went to a million different places. How could my best friend at college not be returning? What about all the plans for the upcoming semester and the summer? Who am I going to talk to about the guy I like or rant to about how loud our floor is being?

After the initial shock wore off, I returned to my dorm room, and it had become clear to me that Meghan really wasn’t coming back. It was a bit difficult to think about starting the new semester when everyone kept asking where my bestie was. I also had to break the news to some of our floor-mates and our RA.

A few days later, I got a text from Meghan saying that she was returning to campus to pack up her room. We both agreed to get lunch or dinner before she left, but unfortunately, due to timing, we had to say our goodbyes in what felt like the worst way possible.

At around seven thirty in the morning I was woken by a loud knock on my door. When I opened my door it was Meghan with a handful of papers and a loaded smile on her face. As it turned out, the stack of papers was comprised of all the information packets for the summer housing we had been planning.

After our hellos and a small talk conversation, it was time for her to leave for Indiana. We said our goodbyes and promised that it would not be the last time we would be together at Mizzou.

Now, three weeks after learning my college best friend would no longer be returning to Mizzou, I’m finding myself still doing a lot of the same activities we both enjoyed doing together. I’ve been to our favorite food place on campus, Baja Grill, about six times already and even went to Sunday brunch like usual.

We’ve also kept each other in the loop through text and facetime calls. I’ve kept her up to date on the daily antics of our floormates and the day to day craziness of being on campus. Plans have also been started for her to come visit for a weekend or two once we both get back in the swing of things.

Just because Meghan and I no longer see each other every day doesn’t mean that our friendship will soon crumble. Although it does suck not being able to run down the hall to her room for late night talks or text about meeting at one of the dining halls, I think the distance, if anything, will only make our friendship stronger and the anticipation of seeing each other again much more exciting.

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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