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Jul 23 2015
by Monica Roselli

Preparing for the Single Life

By Monica Roselli - Jul 23 2015

Everyone knows the myths and fabricated stories about the loner college student who lives in a single room at the end of the hall and is the most unsocial and weird introvert that could ever step foot into the dorm. Luckily, I planned ahead and checked the random roommate box to guarantee myself a roommate...or so I thought.

With a month left before move in day, I not only have been assigned two roommates, but also a floor switch. Like most people, expecting a few switches here and there is common. However, I never thought that I would end up having to switch from a double to a single room. Now, as I’m planning out my dorm room, I find myself counting my lucky stars for my single room.

When I first signed up for a room, I was completely for having a roommate. I picked out an interest group to live in and was assigned a roommate right away. Then I got a text and roomie number one decided to switch to suite style living instead of a traditional dorm setting. Again, I was assigned a new roommate. Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the room this time because the interest group automatically signed me up for four classes. (I still had to sign up for three core classes that would have given me a 20-hour course load.)

As I logged into the housing website for a third time, the only option left that kept me in a journalism themed community was a single room on the seventh floor at the end of the hall. I took it and reevaluated my situation.

I wanted to have a roommate so I could have a change of scenery. I’ve had my own room my entire life and couldn’t wait to finally share a space. I was excited to coordinate colors and decide who would bring what for the dorm the whole summer before moving in at Mizzou.

Now, I am finding myself with a new perspective on living in a single room. Thanks to my mother and her advice, I realized that at times I am quite the introvert and enjoy staying locked in my room to binge-watch entire television series or 10 movies in one weekend. Also, my mom pointed out that a single room allows for more privacy and quiet time to myself when needed. By taking a step back and realizing that a single room is the better option for my personality, I’m excited to finally get into the bulk of decorating and shopping for my dorm room.

Planning for the single dorm life isn't easy, but it has taught me how to budget my expenses and focus on finding the necessities at knockoff prices. Unlike most college students, I can’t split the cost of purchasing items for the room with another person. Just because I have to purchase everything myself doesn’t mean I’m not going to have everything a double room would have. Recently, I bought a brand new mini fridge and a microwave. Was it painful having to purchase both with my own hard earned money? Yes, but luckily I got both on sale. I’ve also been lucky and have gotten fold up chairs and wall decorations as graduation gifts. Would I have gotten a chair for my room? Probably not since I didn’t consider it a necessity. Just because I’m living in the single room at the end of the hall doesn’t mean that my room is going to be dull and uninviting though.

Some people might say that it’s great that I have a single, but that I will never leave my room and still be the loner at the end of the hall. Personally, I too fear that I could be like the myths and stereotypes that people in single dorms have. However, I’m lucky in that Mizzou has various types of learning communities. I get to live on a floor with other journalism students and am definitely planning on visiting the floor lounge and events often.

Planning for the single dorm life isn’t easy and wasn’t what I expected to be doing the summer before college. Even though I don’t get to have the traditional roommate experience freshman year, I’m excited and quite thankful for my situation. Single dorm life here I come.

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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