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Sep 27 2015
by Monica Roselli

7 Ways to Not Tick Off Your Floor-mates

By Monica Roselli - Sep 27 2015

1. Follow quiet hours

Don’t be that person who decides to run up and down the halls at two in the morning laughing and screaming with friends. Some people are trying to sleep.


2. Don’t leave the lounge a mess

Everyone enjoys going to the lounge to relax and take a break from studying. Clean up after yourself and don’t leave empty pizza boxes and late night cookie crumbs all over the couches and tables.


3. Share the TV

It’s understandable that you can’t miss a single episode of American Horror Story, but other people want to watch the football game too. Try to compromise on the times to watch shows and avoid fighting over the remote.


4. Don’t kill the floor pet

Feeding the fish a cashew and pounding on its bowl isn't going to end well.


5. Don’t continue to party at one in the morning on a weeknight

No one wants to hear loud music or your loud voice on a Wednesday night. We get it; you just came back from the themed frat party. Thanks for making it obvious that your night didn’t consist of studying like the rest of us.


6. Take your trash out

It smells up the whole floor. Do everyone a favor and take your three week old trash to the dumpster.


7. Shower

This should be self-explanatory, but don’t be that one person who thinks they only need deodorant every two days.


Lead Image Credit: Mansfield University's Housing, Dining & Residence Life

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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