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Oct 25 2015
by Monica Roselli

6 Ways To Deal With Your First Illness Away From Home

By Monica Roselli - Oct 25 2015

Fall is officially upon us and with that comes cold and flu season. Unlike previous years, our parents are now hours away and can no longer help us when we suddenly get sick for a week. Here are a few tips to dealing with your fist illness away from home.

1. Contain Your Germs

If you feel a cold coming on, be sure to cover your cough, use tissues and apply ample hand sanitizer. Every time you cough or sneeze your germs can be spread to other residents. With so many people living in a dorm, once one resident gets sick, it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the building catches your illness too. If you're sick stay away from the main lounge areas everyone uses.

2. Take A Break From Your Busy Schedule

There is nothing wrong with taking a few personal days. Going to class and finishing homework is hard enough when you’re under the weather.

3. Check Out Your School’s Pharmacy

Most colleges have an on campus pharmacy with a registered pharmacist on call. Ask what they would recommend for your particular symptoms and what are the best options are for battling your illness.

4. Go To The Student Health Center

If your symptoms don’t appear to be getting better make an appointment at the on campus health center. Most colleges offer students free checkups and doctor visits since the fees are included in tuition rates. Don’t forget to bring an insurance card just in case.

5. Sleep

If you are feeling ill take some time to catch up on sleep. Whether it is taking a nap between classes or sleeping in extra late on days off, more sleep will help you feel a bit more energized.

6. Call Your Parents

Just because they can’t physically help you anymore doesn’t mean they can’t give medical advice over the phone. They may even send a get-well care package to your dorm if you’re lucky.

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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