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Dec 31 2015
by Monica Roselli

5 Misconceptions About People That Live in a Single Dorm Room

By Monica Roselli - Dec 31 2015

1. You Must be a Super Weird Person

Granted I have my own weird quirks, but by no means am I a creature from the black lagoon. Unlike the assumed stereotype, I do have a personality and I keep up with my hygiene.

2. It Must Cost a Fortune to Live in a Single

For the extra $800 or so, it has been one of the best investments I have made. Having a single room has allowed me to experience what apartment life is like. Since I don’t have a roommate, I’ve learned how to budget my money and deal with those pesky monthly bills. If anything, living by myself has helped me save money instead of spending it all.

3. You Will Be One of Those People That Never Leave Their Room

Okay this one is somewhat true. If I’m not busy going to class, hanging out with friends, participating in a campus organization or just hanging out in my hall, I will totally stay in my room. Sometimes it’s nice to have a space all to myself where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

4. Since You Live Alone, You Won’t Feel Like Getting Involved

I happen to be involved in two organizations on my campus and help plan all the activities that go on in my residence hall. Just because I live alone doesn’t mean I’m not interested in activities other than video games and binge watching Netflix.

5. You’re Missing Out on Friendships

At first this was my biggest fear since I don’t have a roommate. However, within twenty-four hours of moving in, I met my new best friend, got to know all the guys and girls on my floor and met some pretty awesome student staffers. After an entire semester, I can honestly say that I’ve made some lifelong friendships and relationships that will go beyond my college career.

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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