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Nov 24 2015
by Monica Roselli

10 Thoughts We All Have While Driving Home With Other People

By Monica Roselli - Nov 24 2015

1. I’m so excited!

Finally I get to leave and go home for some real food, time with friends and family and some much need me time.

2. Put on music I actually want to listen to..

Sure I said that I didn’t care what station was put on in the beginning, but it’s been three hours and I can’t take another Broadway hit.

3. What’s that smell?

There are four other people in this car and of course I’m the one who is getting blamed for the weird smell.

4. I’m starving.

Find a place to eat in the next few minutes or else I’m going to make this car ride a living hell.

5. I have to pee…NOW!

Either drive like a maniac to the nearest rest stop or pull over.

6. I’m going to die

We are driving out of pouring rain and entering a snowstorm. Of course the person driving decides now is the time to tell me that they can’t drive in the snow. Jesus take the wheel and keep me in one piece!

7. I can’t breathe!

Of course I got stuck in the middle seat. Excuse me while I try to find a comfortable way to breathe.

8. Everyone needs to shut up!

It’s been five hours and I am sick of hearing about your ex-boyfriend who dumped you at the last football game. And no, I don’t care about how terrible your roommate is.

9. Get me out of here

We are going on hour six and I can’t stand anyone in this car for another minute. I’m going to snap soon.

10. Finally, I’m Home!

I’m finally back on familiar land and don’t have to be stuck for a second more in that car with those four crazy people.

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Monica Roselli - University of Missouri

Monica Roselli is a freshman at the University of Missouri studying broadcast journalism. In high school, she was an editor for her school’s newspaper. In her free time, Monica enjoys watching movies and TV shows, E! Online and anything with chocolate or Nutella. Follow her on Twitter @_mroselli!

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