Let's face it, you have either hopped on the crazy Marvel Universe bandwagon, coasted on some general knowledge of past movies or have no idea if "Mjolnir" is a person, place or thing. No matter your level of geekiness, there is no escaping the box office juggernaut that is Avengers Endgame, just in time for finals season. While you wish for an Infinity Gauntlet to snap exams out of existence, let's all take a moment to wonder how our favorite superheroes (and villains) would cope in this position. Ever wonder if you could share a major with your favorite character? While not every character or major is included on this list, (there are a lot of heroes and a lot of majors) hopefully there's a hero here that everyone can identify with.

1. Iron Man: Mechanical Engineering

Tony Stark has always been a genius with technology. At 15 years old, he began studying engineering at MIT and graduated with two master’s degrees in electrical engineering and physics. However, he definitely has developed an affinity for mechanical engineering by building robots and of course his Iron Man armor. He is insanely innovative and can develop complex designs whether he be in an advanced laboratory or in a cave with nothing but scrap metal. The only tool a great engineer needs is a sharp mind.

2. Hulk: Physics

Bruce Banner has seven P.h.D's, yet he is best known as world-renowned physicist specializing in nuclear physics and gamma radiation. With his physics background, his versatility allows him to grasp many different fields of study. He is highly inquisitive, always seeking to expand his scientific knowledge of the universe.

3. Steve Rogers: American History

Steve Rogers is the personification of America. He loves his country but never gives into blind patriotism. Instead, he recognizes America’s problematic past to make sure these events are never repeated. His first-hand understanding of America’s past helps him be a better-informed citizen who fights for a better future for all.

4. Black Panther: Political Science, International Relations and Pre-Law

T’Challa is a born leader. He works with his political advisors and his people to ensure that the policies upheld in his country are effective and help the country overall. He is a born diplomat and takes steps to work with other nations to make sure he can help both his people and improve the state of life for everyone in the world.

5. Thor: Astronomy

Of all the Avengers, Thor has the best understanding of life beyond Earth. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge about the universe that would easily overwhelm his teammates. However, he is able to channel this knowledge and explain astronomical concepts in terms that an average mortal can comprehend.

6. Natasha Romanoff: Dance

Anyone who has ever met a dancer can tell you that they are some of the most intense people on Earth. Natasha studied ballet as part of her spy training and it shows. She combines her dancer athleticism with deadly poise, able to perform feats beyond normal human capabilities and make it look effortless. It’s no wonder Natasha can take down superbeings and barely break a sweat.

7. Clint Barton: Deaf Studies

Clint is definitely a student-athlete and probably a star on the archery team. However, he would make a great addition to any Deaf Studies program. While it isn’t mentioned in the movies, Clint lost 80% of his hearing for a significant period of time. He uses hearing aids and is fluent in American Sign Language. He embraces his hearing loss and uses it to his advantage.

8. Spider-Man: Chemistry

Peter Parker is definitely a whiz kid when it comes to chemistry. He literally developed his web fluid in his high school desk. Like any good scientist, he is always happy to learn from others, whether it through genuine curiosity about how things work or applying his chemical expertise to collaborate with his fellow STEM superheroes. He is never afraid to be a little bit of a science geek. Only a true scientist can pull off atom pun t-shirts.

9. Sam Wilson: Psychology

When he’s not flying alongside Captain America and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson works at the VA as a therapist for veterans suffering from PTSD. He makes sure that everyone gets the care they deserve, especially when it comes to their internal well-being. He is the emotional core of the Avengers and always looks out for his friends, both on the battlefield and off

10. Stephen Strange: Pre-med

Stephen Strange was saving lives long before learning magic as one of the best surgeons in the world. He helped pioneer new medical strategies that won him countless awards. He consistently throws himself into his studies and spends long hours in the library determined to master any task at hand. He is also highly logical, making sure that he is going in with the best strategy for success.

11. Captain Marvel: Reserve Officer Training Core (ROTC)

Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, and a good part of that came from her training in the US Air Force. She is determined to do the right thing, even when it means risking her own safety to save the lives of countless others. No matter how many times she gets knocked down, she always gets back up, brushes herself off and keeps fighting for what she believes in. She doesn’t just break glass ceilings; she outright destroys them in a blaze of glory.

12. Groot: Agriculture

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. Translation: Groot is the environmental expert of the Marvel Universe. He knows exactly which plants are needed in any situation, whether it be bioluminescent spores to light the way, thick vines to form a sturdy trellis or a small flower to make a friend smile. Never underestimate the power of a cute smile and a green thumb.

13. Star-Lord: Cinema and Media Studies

Peter Quill is the galaxy’s leading expert on 70’s and 80’s pop culture. He has a tendency to categorize life situations through the lens of music, film and television. His passion is so contagious, he can make even the cheesiest of movies seem like a cinematic masterpiece.

14. Vision: Philosophy

Vision was brought to life through a combination of the Mind Stone and two different forms of artificial intelligence. As a result, he possesses a sense of enlightenment beyond his superhero counterparts. He has spent most of his short life searching for meaning in his existence and understanding the human experience.

15. Loki: Advertising and Marketing

Loki is a master illusionist, which means he would probably be fabulous at marketing. Like any good sales representative, Loki can transform even the most boring product with just his sharp tongue and charm. His charisma makes him the center of attention in any room. No matter what happens, he is always one step ahead and can manipulate any situation in his favor.

16. Pepper Potts: Business

Not all heroes wear capes. Pepper Potts stepped in as CEO of Stark Industries, transforming the notorious weapons business into a thriving pioneer in renewable energy. Smart and savvy, she is an expert at networking and always maintains a professional demeanor. Like most business students, she has the drive to create new enterprises is determined to leave her mark on this world.

17. Thanos: Economics

Sorry economics majors, this is nothing personal. Thanos definitely studied Thomas Malthus and his Principle of Population while devising his plan to snap half of all life out of existence. Granted, his application of Malthusian Theory was a little drastic. Thankfully, real economists do not possess the Infinity Gauntlet.

18. Bonus! Venom: Journalism

He might not be a member of the MCU as of now, but I would be a terrible journalism student if I forgot my own major. Eddie Brock is a crack-whip investigative journalist who will do anything in pursuit of a story, even breaking into top-secret laboratories. No company or industry head is powerful enough to break his desire to expose the truth.

 If you matched with your favorite character, that's awesome! If your major was not on this list, never fear. That just means you possess your own unique superpowers. Whatever the case, we all have a little hero in us. And just like a superhero, it's time to defeat these finals. Maybe afterward, we can all assemble at the movie theater and celebrate.

Lead Image Credit: Marvel Studios