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Jun 13 2016
by Michelle Nyambirai

Disney Just Announced Its First Latina Princess

By Michelle Nyambirai - Jun 13 2016

For most of us, we grew up watching Disney movies; Toy Story, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Winnie The Pooh were classics. Now, on the 22nd of July, history is going to be made. Disney is premiering a new series titled, “Elena of Avalor,” which showcases Disney’s first Latina princess.

According to E! News, the one hour long series special will be greatly influenced by the diverse Latino cultures in all forms, shapes and sizes. Disney’s first Latina princess is creating quite a buzz among Hollywood’s elite. 

Recently the actress Gina Rodriguez gave a shout out to the series via Instagram where she wrote:

Very excited for this project! And feeling really blessed the Latino community has a princess for our little ladies all over the globe! (A fierce, strong and intelligent princess 😉 ).

The series is going to feature the voices of many talented actors and actresses including: Ana Ortiz, Constance Marie, Jamie Camil and Jenna Ortega. Elena is going to be voiced by Aimee Carrero.

Even though it is curious as to why they aren't making her a movie, it is still really exciting to see the added diversity amongst the Disney princesses that so many children look up to!

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Michelle Nyambirai - Carleton University

Michelle Nyambirai will be attending Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in the Fall. You can follow her on Instagram @mich_mich_e

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