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Feb 10 2016
by Michelle Chan

A Valentine’s Day Guide For New Couples

By Michelle Chan - Feb 10 2016

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that stresses people out, dating or not. Those who have only been dating for a few months or less may have a bit more trouble on deciding how to celebrate the day and what gifts to get each other. There’s that hazy line where one’s not sure “what level” the relationship is on. Is the relationship ready for fancy and expensive dinners and gifts?

Here are some tips as to what new couples can do on Valentine’s Day, and some ideas for foolproof Valentine’s Day gifts. 

What should we do?

1. Eat dinner off-campus.

Please don’t make your date take place in the dining hall. Chances are you or your date are already sick of the food by now. Make this day a bit special by eating off-campus. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive, candlelit dinner, as college students are already broke enough as it is. Just make this day a little more special than the rest.

2. Have a dessert-marathon.

Who doesn’t love desserts? Explore your on-campus and off-campus bakeries and ice cream shops, and relish in the luxurious taste of sweets.

3. Go on a museum date.

Whether or not you have a well-equipped art background, art itself is fun to look at and admire. And this definitely sheds light on the more creative side of you. Museums are also great for a conversation piece; scared of awkward silences? Critique the art!

4. Take a walk in the park.

The classic, romantic, Nicholas Sparks type of date. You get to hold hands and enjoy the the beauty and serenity of the park.

5. See a movie.

Movie dates are a great way to spend time together without facing the pressure of trying to come up with conversation. And the movie itself lends its way to a conversation topic after the movie is over.

6. Netflix and chill.

Sometimes, money can be a problem, and a great way to spend time together without ripping a hole into your wallet is to stay in and relax. This should apply to those couples who are on the more comfortable level with each other.

What should we get each other?

1. Get the cliché chocolate, stuffed teddy bear, and flowers.

So what if it’s cliché? It’s cliché because it works. And who doesn’t like chocolate?

2. Gift cards.

It’s not something too personal, but it’s also something most people like. It’s the same as getting free money.

3. Offer to split the dinner bill.

If it’s not the first date, this would be an excellent gift for the guys. Once again, college kids aren’t that well off, so splitting the bill really relieves the burden on one side.

4. Sweaters.

Sweaters are perfect for cold days and it’s that one type of clothing that doesn’t run the risk of being a size too small. If you’re unsure, just go for a larger size.

5. Accessories.

Phone cases, watches, hats, gloves. These are small, but useful gifts.

Once again, every relationship is different, and it’s up to your judgment to decide what is best.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Michelle Chan - Northeastern University

Michelle Chan is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Nursing. She went to a high school that was majority-minority, but now that she's in college, she's finally experiencing what being a minority is like: not all that different, actually. She enjoys spending her free time binge-watching Netflix, reading books by her favorite author Stephen King, and eating dessert. You can find her on Instagram @michelleeebells!

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