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Apr 14 2016
by Michelle Chan

Just College Things As Told By Bob’s Burgers

By Michelle Chan - Apr 14 2016
College, in a way, is a clique of i's own. There are things that go on in college that high school drop-outs, high schoolers, and junior high schoolers wouldn't understand. Here are just a few of those college things:

1. When your professor keeps lecturing even though class already ended:

2. When it’s hell week and you’ve been up studying all week:

3. When you pass an exam you barely studied for:

4. When there’s free food but you’re trying to avoid Freshman 15:

5. When you try to sound smart in class to get a possible grade booster from your professor:

6. When you try so desperately to make more friends:

7. When you’ve been to too many parties:

8. When someone tries to get your attention while you’re on the phone with your parents:

9. When your classmates start working out and you just:

10. And when dining hall food is just bad that day:

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Michelle Chan - Northeastern University

Michelle Chan is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Nursing. She went to a high school that was majority-minority, but now that she's in college, she's finally experiencing what being a minority is like: not all that different, actually. She enjoys spending her free time binge-watching Netflix, reading books by her favorite author Stephen King, and eating dessert. You can find her on Instagram @michelleeebells!

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