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Nov 09 2015
by Michelle Chan

10 Times Yik Yak Described College Life Perfectly

By Michelle Chan - Nov 09 2015

1. Every single morning.

Song reference: Get Low

2. Not your typical 50 Shades of Grey reference.

3. Should've sat next to the smart one instead.

4. What the weather has been like here lately.

Song reference: A Thousand Miles

5. The truth has been spoken.

6. For all the Chipotle lovers out there.

7. Might just do that this winter break.


9. Basically.

10. I'm just about out of tears at this point.

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Michelle Chan - Northeastern University

Michelle Chan is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Nursing. She went to a high school that was majority-minority, but now that she's in college, she's finally experiencing what being a minority is like: not all that different, actually. She enjoys spending her free time binge-watching Netflix, reading books by her favorite author Stephen King, and eating dessert. You can find her on Instagram @michelleeebells!

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