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Dec 01 2015
by Michelle Chan

8 YouTube Channels College Students Should Know About

By Michelle Chan - Dec 01 2015

YouTube is on the rise as the new generations are dependent on the internet as a source of entertainment. There are just so many popular YouTubers, it's kind of hard to keep track of them all, especially with the busy schedules we all have as college students. Below is a list of the popular YouTube channels that all of us college kids should know because they are so worth a small sliver of our precious time.


We all know the ominous “Freshman 15” that is associated with being a first-year college student. Now, I’m not saying that watching a couple of YouTube fitness videos will burn away that fat, but with consistency and determination, that may just happen.

1. Blogilates: a certified fitness instructor, Cassie Ho, has a variety of workouts for everything you could possibly imagine: from workouts for abs to workouts for slimmer thighs! And the best part is that she does the workouts with you, while giving words of encouragement. So it’s almost as if you have a buddy exercising with you by your side.

2. Kalel: Kalel is a hardcore vegan who creates video content on a whole variety of things like vlogs, beauty, fashion, and décor. But the main focus here is on her vegan life. She makes cooking vegan meals look so easy even teaches you how to do it. I'm not a vegan, but I still love watching these videos because Kalel makes me aspire to make healthier food choices.


For those who like to waltz into the class in pajamas everyday and feel awesome, maybe you should skip this list. But for the others who want to look snazzy for that boy in your Biology class, check out these beauty/fashion gurus.

1. Bethany Mota: Bethany’s super bubbly personality makes watching her videos fun to watch. Her videos are an excellent source for any inspiration for what to wear for the day, how to do your hair, and simple makeup looks. I really love her hair tutorial videos because they're so quick and easy to follow.

2. clothesencounters: Jenn Im, creator of clothesencounters, will make you never have to say, “What should I wear today” again. She has an enormous clothing and shoe collection; her outfits ideas are endless. It’s impossible to not get any wardrobe inspiration from any one of her videos. Her taste in fashion is beyond exquisite.


1. CrashCourse: Looking for a quick cram session for your upcoming Anatomy test? Astronomy test? This is where you need to go. Each video is about 10 minutes long and usually have a little jokes here and there to make it more enjoyable to watch. John Green's brother Hank teaches Anatomy & Physiology on this channel. If you love John Green, you'll love his brother. And if you love his brother, you'll love this channel. I've used CrashCourse to do some last minute review for my tests and they were so helpful in refreshing the material.


1. ERB: Epic Rap Battles features hilarious rap battles between famous characters in history or from the entertainment history. The rap lyrics are so cleverly put together they’ll have you in tears.

2. How It Should Have Ended: They make spoofs of popular movies with hilarious endings. It's perfect for study breaks, because it's like watching a mini movie.


1. Bubzvlogs: This is the second YouTube channel of Lindsay Tsang, a popular beauty guru on YouTube. She lets her viewers take a peek into her life with her loving family, and adorable newborn son, Isaac. This is perfect if you are missing home or are longing for something that will make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy in this cold wintry weather.

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Michelle Chan - Northeastern University

Michelle Chan is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Nursing. She went to a high school that was majority-minority, but now that she's in college, she's finally experiencing what being a minority is like: not all that different, actually. She enjoys spending her free time binge-watching Netflix, reading books by her favorite author Stephen King, and eating dessert. You can find her on Instagram @michelleeebells!

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