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Jan 23 2016
by Michelle Chan

14 Little Things That Make College Students Happy

By Michelle Chan - Jan 23 2016

As a first-year college student, I realized that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I don’t need a million dollars to fill me with joy (though, it’d be extremely nice to have, because, like, loans). Any little thing to help me get through my day is enough to put a smile on my face.

1. When you see your favorite shower stall unoccupied:

2. When all of your favorite dining hall food is served:

3. When you can go "number two" when no one else is in the bathroom:

4. When you hear your friend say, “I didn’t start studying either:”

5. When you can get your favorite flavor of ice cream from the dining hall:

6. When you get an email from your professor that class is cancelled:

7. When you wake up actually feeling rested:

8. When you receive your first care package in the mail from friends or family:

9. Anytime you hear the words "FREE FOOD:"

10. And anytime you hear the words "FREE T-SHIRTS:"

11. After you do well on an exam that you thought you flunked:

12. Netflix, in general:

13. Finally going out with friends after a long week:

14. Finally finishing laundry after weeks of putting it off:

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Michelle Chan - Northeastern University

Michelle Chan is a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Nursing. She went to a high school that was majority-minority, but now that she's in college, she's finally experiencing what being a minority is like: not all that different, actually. She enjoys spending her free time binge-watching Netflix, reading books by her favorite author Stephen King, and eating dessert. You can find her on Instagram @michelleeebells!

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