“Ugh, I need a job!”

That’s one phrase I catch myself saying more and more as I get older. Jobs are hard to come by nowadays, but they’re not impossible to get. With just the right amount of effort (which consists of sending your resume left and right nonstop) you can snag yourself a part-time job.

Based on my experience of searching for jobs in a frenzy, I was able to compile a list of on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs with their respective average nationwide hourly wages that are great for us college kids.

1. Tutor



I would personally put being a tutor on top of my list because it’s one of the most flexible jobs you can have. You can be a tutor for so many things: math, writing, chemistry, biology, history, computer science… the list goes on and on! And the satisfaction you get from relaying your valuable knowledge to another person is very rewarding.

2. Babysitter



If you love children, you’ll love being a babysitter (probably). This job is an excellent start for those who want a career in the future that involves childcare.

3. Office Assistant



You can be an office assistant on campus or off campus. Many college work-study positions are office assistants and that’s great because you’re given a light workload that usually involve answering phones or filing (which gives you time to catch up on some homework on studying while on the job). Off-campus office assistant jobs are awesome too because they usually involve a lot of people interactions, both on and off the phones, and communication is such an important skill to have.

4. Research Study Participant


The pay varies

I’ve seen a lot off these posted as part of on-campus jobs in my college. Essentially these are a one-time thing where they give you a task to complete as part of their research and you get paid a certain sum of money in one go. It’s great for those who need some quick cash.

5. Barista



Coffee is such a huge market in this country it’s hard not to get a job in one of the vast number of coffee shops out there (Starbucks, I’m looking at you). It’s usually a fast-paced job, depending where you work, and it really trains your stamina.

6. Retail



You can either be in sales or a cashier, but either way, there’s a lot of customer interaction that requires you to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. There’ll be a whole variety of shoppers from the grouchy shopper to the smiley I-love-shopping shopper. Retail can be tough because you need to know the layout of the whole store, or at least the department that you work in. But this job proves to be very rewarding as you learn to be approachable and patient toward your customers.

7. Fast food server


$7.18 - $9.25/hour

Most people look down on people who work at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s given their not-so-fantastic working conditions and low pay. Nonetheless, it is work experience worthy enough to go on your resume. Besides, you get acquire the skills of learning to deal with unpleasant people and learn to appreciate jobs like these.

8. Waitress/Waiter


$4.94/hour (plus tips)

Being a waitress is one of those jobs that you should try at least once in your lifetime. You’re placed in a high stress environment where you’re forced to put on a friendly face all the time just for those extra tips. On top of that, you’ll be under quite a bit of pressure for having to memorize the daily specials and be able to recommend dishes on the spot. It’s such a unique job that requires a whole new level of thick skin, people interactions, and flexibility.

9. Paid Intern



The great thing about being a paid intern is that you learn a lot while getting paid a decent amount. There’s interns for everything: from museum interns to hospital interns!

10. Customer Service Representative



This is more of the sit-all day type of job but it can be very hectic. It’s a job that requires you to smoothly handle tough situations that involve super impatient or even annoying customers.

Lead image credit: CBS