I came into college knowing exactly what my major would be. I am a huge film buff and have always wanted to make films myself. I started my first semester in college and loved the film department. I came in as a declared film major and was very content with being a film major. I have also always enjoyed theater but had never thought about pursuing an education in theater.

Within the first month of college, though, I became interested in joining in the first theater production on campus. I went to the theater welcome picnic, which also included auditions for the first play. I was incredibly nervous, I had never acted before and I was scared of the audition process. It ended up being much less scary than I thought. But I did not get a role. Instead, I joined the backstage props crew.

I had a blast! It was a really great experience that was very rewarding. It wasn’t without hard work and dedication, though. The rest of the props crew and I had many tasks to do before, during and after the show to make sure that everything ran smoothly for each night. Working in this production sparked my interest in theater.

I then operated the soundboard for the next production that semester, and it solidified the thoughts that had been going through my head for months: I should include theater in my college education. I went home that winter break and told my parents that I wanted to minor in theater. They were happy with the decision and thought it would pair with film well.

I had already registered for two theater classes, and I was very excited to start. The two classes are the best classes I am in right now. Learning more about the world of theater, details about how productions work and how actors form a show has been very interesting. Towards the beginning of this semester, it was time for me to declare my minor. I walked into the theater advisory's office ready to fill out paperwork. She then looked at me and said, “How about you declare a theater major?”

I was a bit taken aback. We had spoken in the past about me registering as a minor and possibly switching to a major in my junior year if I had time to fulfill the requirements. We spoke for around an hour before I was convinced that declaring this year was a better option with timing. She was able to tell that I was serious about making theater apart of my education. I filled out the double major application and handed it into the registrar’s office on campus.

A few days later, I checked my dashboard, and it said I was registered as a theater major. I was excited but also very nervous. Being a double major is going to be a lot of work. Both the film major and the theater major have a lot of production credits that need to be fulfilled, and it takes up a lot of my free time. Still, I love every second of being in theater productions and filming short films, and would not trade my choices for anything but what I'm doing now.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash