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Dec 19 2015
by Mia Renee Cole

If Hogwarts Professors were College Professors

By Mia Renee Cole - Dec 19 2015

What would it be like if our favorite Hogwarts professors were actually real-life college professors? Let's find out!

1. Albus Dumbledore

So technically Dumbledore wasn't a professor during the span of Harry Potter's career at Hogwarts, but he WAS a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at one point. Dumbledore is that professor that just doesn't give a crap. Didn't do you homework? Not his problem. Didn't show up to class on time? Definitely your problem. He did care about his students, though, and picked his favorites in each class. His favorite students were usually the more talented, gifted, good-looking kind (i.e. Voldemort and Harry).

2. Minerva McGonagall

McConagall, AKA professor of Transfiguration, is the epitome of a strict professor. Tight bun, old-school values and an attitude that doesn't take any of your bullsh*t. She treats all of her students fairly in the classroom, regardless of any personal connections with them and she doesn't allow foolishness. She takes participation grades very seriously and students can ultimately fail her course simply by talking too much.

3. Severus Snape

We all have a love/hate relationship towards Snape. Professor of Potions for most of his career, Snape is very much a bullying professor. If he doesn't like you, he would make sure to pick on you during class and make it as hard for you as possible to make good grades. He isn't a very forgiving man and doesn't accept late papers or projects, or tardy students. He teaches the class that everyone dreads and not necessarily because he's mean--the subject is rough too (and he's really no help).

4. Rubeus Hagrid

Most of us know Hagrid as the big, friendly, half-giant that famously said, "Yer a wizard, Harry." Most of us forget, though, that he also taught Care of Magical Creatures for quite some time. The antithesis of Snape, Hagrid is easily the professor that is bullied by his own students. He doesn't really know what he's doing, considering he didn't really plan to be a teacher in life. His only qualifications are from life experience; he's never had any experience teaching young adults. He can't manage a classroom or set rules. He's kind of a disaster, but he has a few students that love him just the same. 

5. Sybill Trelawney 


Trelawny, AKA my favorite professor, taught Divination in the attic of Hogwarts. Trelawny is definitely your liberal, free-loving, hippie gal that is very passionate about what she teaches, unlike the majority of her students. Most find it very hard to follow along in her class since she is so scatterbrained and eccentric, but she can be quite the entertainment at times. She's pretty slack with her grading and her class is an easy-A, as long as you attend.

6. Remus Lupin

Lupin (or Moony, for those of us that read the books) is obv the cool professor. He makes sure to engage students in one-on-one demonstrations and ensures them that they will have plenty of real-world practice within the classroom. His class is actually challenging and for a good, life-applicable reason. He's easily approachable during office hours and willingly helps out all of his students that reach to him for help.

7. Alastor Moody

Although the crazy teaching skills of Mad-Eye Moody were actually those of Barty Crouch Jr. (thank you, Polyjuice Potion), Crouch was the ultimate actor and, throughout the years, we were able to get a feel of Moody's possible teaching skills. Moody is--in fact--mad, which means he's a very hard teacher. He expects nothing but excellence from all of his students and he has no sympathy for cowards or slackers. Though he believes that life's a b*tch, he also believes in rewarding those who are good and punishing those who are bad, so he takes no crap in the classroom. Most students are intimidated by him, but those that approach him with questions and comments find his advice enlightening.

8. Gilderoy Lockhart

It's no secret that Lockhart's good looks are a serious thing. Girls flock into his class simply to swoon over him while (most) guys roll their eyes in jealousy. Behind that beautiful smile and charming personality, though, is a twisted and awful interior. He's not quite as smart as he seems to be and always has difficulty answering students' questions in class. He hardly offers any office hours and, when he does open up his door, he always seems to be very busy and unable to attend to questions. He assigns his own books as class readings and during class, for the most part, just goofs off.

9. Horace Slughorn

'Ole Horace is a returning professor meant to act as a substitute for an extended period of time. He doesn't really know what the's doing at school, and he doesn't really seem to care either. You can tell that he used to have a spunk in him that made his lectures fun, but he seems to have lost the enthusiasm through the years. For the most part, he really doesn't care about class participation that much, though he rewards those who do participate in great ways. His office is usually always open for questions where he tends to have more of a willingness to help than in the actual classroom.

10. Dolores Umbridge

Umbridge is, obviously, the professor that everyone hates. She's pompous and annoying, and always in everyone's business. She's considerably strict in the classroom and insists on people raising their hands before speaking, refusing to acknowledging anyone who has spoken out of turn. She has strict rules for grading papers and assignments; if it's not done her way, it's not done correctly. No one can really seem to find a single student that actually likes Dolores.

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