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Nov 13 2015
by Mia Renee Cole

If Disney Villains were College Professors

By Mia Renee Cole - Nov 13 2015

Lady Tremaine, "Cinderella."

Better known as the Wicked Stepmother, Lady Tremaine is a super b*tch and expect your professor to be just the same. Controlling, particular about how things are done and short-tempered: these are just a couple of things that describe her. She'll return your papers back full of red pen marks reminding you of all your errors and when you ask a question in class, she'll give you "that look" that causes you to squirm in your seat. 

Hades, "Hercules."

Hades is the type of guy that you can't decide whether or not to like or hate him. He truly is the epitome of a douche bag...but he's also kinda funny. He's that professor that you just can't decide on; they're cool but they're also kinda assholes. He's short-tempered and can go off at any point during any class. One minute he will be joking, and the next he will be yelling at you for doing something wrong. He's kinda a control freak and will list all of the things you're doing wrong in his student evaluations.

Cruella De Ville, "101 Dalmations."

Cruella is your high-fashion professor who expects to receive exactly what she wants. She's picky, choosy, and you can't quite please her, no matter what you do. She's impossible to approach with questions or comments and you avoid her office hours at all costs. Her email responses are short and never answer your questions and when you ever try and speak to her, she looks at you like you're an undeserving student. She is very short-tempered and isn't afraid to preach to your class about everything you *should* be doing in order to be good students.

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, "Frozen."

Professor Prince Hans seems totally dreamy at first and you love the idea of him teaching you, but after you get to know him you realize he's a complete nightmare. He never gives any positive feedback, if any feedback at all, and he's shady AF. He always seems super chill and down to converse with you, but you always feel like he's secretly judging you. He doesn't actually really teach, he just kind of stands at the front of the classroom answering questions. 

Gaston, "Beauty and the Beast."

Gaston is that creepy old professor that is just a little too friendly with students. He's super showy and likes to be impressive in his lectures, though they're actually quite boring to watch. He pretends like he doesn't hear you when you ask questions in class and almost never calls on anyone else to speak. Honestly, he just likes to hear his own voice. You'll be more than happy when you don't have to see him anymore.

Ursula, "The Little Mermaid."

Ursula is manipulative and you hate it. You never know when you might cross over onto her bad side. She goes from sweet to fiery in one moment and is always looking for a way to fail a student or cause stress in the classroom. She likes to point out each flaw of every individual student who approaches her. She's the professor who doesn't quite know *how* to teach; in fact, you're not sure she really knows what she is doing. She's a super drama queen and, the moment someone does something to piss her off, she goes to the bathroom to cry.

Pete, "Mickey Mouse Classics."

We all know Pete and we have all despised him since we were kids. Big, mean and selfish are just a couple of his qualities. He's a bully and that's just how he treats everyone. He likes to make fun of students' questions and if someone speaks out of turn, he sticks his face inches from theirs and yells at them about respect. He reminds you of something mixed between a mean gym teacher and an army general. Students don't stand a chance in his class. Most leave crying.

Yzma, "The Emperor's New Groove."

Yzma is your annoying professor. She has an awful, nasally voice and she smells a little weird too. She's very stern and expects her class to run the way she wants, every single day. Yzma is soft-spoken and barely does any teaching. She expects you to know the answer before you ask the question and for you to know exactly what she means all the time. She hardly speaks towards you, but when she does, she does it to call you an idiot.

Jafar, "Aladdin."

Jafar is just plain cruel. When you first walked into his class, he intimidated you beyond belief. He stands tall and walks around the classroom as he speaks, and you feel as if his eyes are peering into your soul. He answers your questions, but you're always afraid to ask him. You're just flat-out intimidated by him and don't know how to approach him without nearly peeing your pants.

Claude Frollo, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

Claude Frollo is your outrageously close-minded professor. He doesn't tolerate any cussing in his class nor does he like when people don't agree with his beliefs. He wants everyone to agree with his opinions and like his lectures and, if they don't, he believes there is something wrong with them. He's very strict and doesn't permit any talking unless you raise your hand first. You dread his class every morning.

Anastasia & Drizella Tremaine, "Cinderella."

The Ugly Stepsisters are arrogant and annoying. As your Teaching Assistants, they think they're "all that" and boss you around when your professor isn't looking. They think they're waaaay better than you, even though they're only a couple of years older and make it a point to flaunt their expertise. When grading your papers, they write more corrections than necessary, and when signing off on their emails they always write, "regards." Insincere and snotty, you've had enough of them by the end of the semester.

Captain Hook, "Peter Pan."

Captain Hook has been teaching at your university for years, so he doesn't stand a chance at getting fired. He keeps the lights turned off during lectures as glaring slides stare you in the face. He speaks in a monotone voice always and is constantly pessimistic. When visiting him for office hours, he doesn't bother to open the door but instead yells, "You may enter!" as he sits at his desk, eating a bologna sandwich and making lesson plans.  His class is impossible to stay awake in.

The Evil Queen, "Snow White."

The Evil Queen is probably your most terrifying professor. She always wears her hair in a tight bun and reminisces during class about her glory days of being beautiful and youthful. She's the type of teacher that constantly compliments your outfits and hair, but you feel like she deeply hates you on the inside. She has a loud, projecting voice when giving lectures and, if you're not paying attention, will be sure to stand over your should and speak loudly. She's even made you jump a couple of times in your seat. 

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