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Sep 22 2015
by Mia Renee Cole

5 Things You Should Know How to Do After Leaving College

By Mia Renee Cole - Sep 22 2015

College is an important time and, though we're just first years, we can still think about our goals once receiving our diploma. Take the next four years to perfect these practices.

1. Know how to write a check.

You'd be surprised how many people can't properly fill out a check. Don't be that person.

2. Know how to do taxes.

This is scary...for all of us. Get guidance from your family and older friends so that you're a pro once you graduate.

3. Know how to write a good resume.

Resumes are basically the most important things you'll write in your lifetime, so make sure they look and sound amazing.

4. Know how to use Microsoft Office.

In the professional world, this is so "basic" that it's as simple as walking. Learn it. Live it. (And put it on your resume.)

5. Know how to give a good presentation.

I cannot tell you how many times I have watched an adult give an awful presentation. If you want to be taken seriously in the professional world, you need to know how to present yourself and ideas. Start practicing now.

It's as easy as 1-2-3, or it should be once you're on your own.

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Mia Renee Cole - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mia Renee is currently the Senior Editor with Fresh U and a student at UNC Chapel Hill, where she is studying Spanish and French. In her free time she enjoys knitting, photography and drinking hot tea while writing on her personal blog. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @miareneecole or her blog at!

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