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Oct 30 2015
by Mia Renee Cole

5 Professors We Wish Were Real

By Mia Renee Cole - Oct 30 2015

1. Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars)

Don't lie, Mr. Fitz is everyone's dream teacher. He's handsome, smart, funny, compassionate, and majorly attractive (wait...did I already say that?). I'd love to look at his beautiful face every day.

2. Mr. Garvey, the substitute teacher (Key & Peele)

When this video swept the internet, every one of us wanted Mr. Garvey in our classroom.

3. Professor Trelawny (Harry Potter)

Kooky, psychic and kinda hippie-ish, Trelawny was everyone's favorite professor in the Harry Potter series. Who wouldn't love to have class in an attic while reading crystal balls?

4. Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)

Our first dream teacher. Admit it, you still want to take a ride on the Magic School Bus.

5. Mr. Keating (The Dead Poets' Society)

Too soon? Sorry, but this is a must. Inspiring and outgoing, Mr. Keating is the quintessential professor for any dreamer (or regular student alike). Robin Williams brought Keating to life and made us want him even more in this 1989 classic.

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Mia Renee Cole - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mia Renee is currently the Senior Editor with Fresh U and a student at UNC Chapel Hill, where she is studying Spanish and French. In her free time she enjoys knitting, photography and drinking hot tea while writing on her personal blog. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @miareneecole or her blog at!

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