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Sep 28 2016
by Mia Renee Cole

10 Reasons Campus is Best During Fall

By Mia Renee Cole - Sep 28 2016

With fall comes many things: endless holidays, fall break, football, cooler weather, pretty leaves; with everything that fall offers, there's one thing that stands out. College campuses during fall are full of a certain atmosphere that has students buzzing with excitement. Here are the 10 reasons why campus is simply the best in autumn.

1. Cooler Weather

Need I say more? With cooler weather comes more comfortable commutes to class. Long gone are the days where we worried about pit stains or sweaty necks when arriving to our 8 A.M. classes. Now we actually *want* to walk around campus.

2. That Crisp Fall Air

With the cooler weather comes a change in the atmosphere. I'm sure a science major could ramble on for days about the actual scientific process of this, but I'm no science major. All I know is the fall air is not just significantly cooler, but it has a crisp, slight breeze that accompanies it — especially in the evenings -— that makes everything a bit more calming and intimate.

3. Football

Ah, there's nothing like football season. As each week draws to a close, the excitement of Saturday's game only builds upon students' shoulders. Home games are especially exciting because campus is full of football fans with their families, tailgates and sales on collegiate gear in your respective student stores.

4. PSLs

Well, pumpkin spice everything really. If you have a Starbucks on campus, you're able to stop and get your favorite pumpkin spice concoction on the way to class. If you don't have the famous coffee chain, chances are your local, on-campus coffee shop will have their own version of the famous PSL. Dining halls even go all out, with pumpkin spice cookies and ice cream (well, at least mine does). Basically, everything is pumpkin flavored. And we love it.

5. Pretty Leaves

If your campus is covered with trees, chances are you'll be able to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves when lounging around outside or going from class to class. Not to mention that these leaves are great for artsy Instagram pictures.

6. Campus Tours

With the heat of summer gone and the first few weeks of classes down, campus tours begin to pop up again. Nothing feels quite so great than watching prospective students explore the campus that you love and hold so dear. Your heart skips a little beat every time you see them.

7. Fall Break, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Winter Break

Fall semester is arguably the best semester because there are so many holidays and breaks. It's hard to go more than a few weeks without a three day weekend or short break from classes. Sadly, this doesn't continue into spring semester, when we'll be struggling to catch up on our sleep.

8. Campus Events

With all the holiday celebrations, clubs host a bountiful amount of events on-campus for students to enjoy. Craft nights, movie showings, a cappella concerts and themed decorations are just a few things that fill campus during the months of October, November and December. Get your fill while you can!

9. Sweatshirts, Sweatpants & Leggings

A wardrobe change is always nice, especially when it means cooler weather. No longer do we have to worry about beach bods or a nice tan — now our biggest worry is what sweatshirt to cuddle up in for our day of classes. Comfy clothes and fuzzy socks become staples of fall semester.

10. Free Hot Chocolate

We love free food, and we love student organizations who decide to give out free food. Fortunately, fall is positively correlated with hot chocolate, and student organizations recognize this. Suddenly there's a way to get free hot chocolate somewhere on campus at least once a week, and we're not complaining.

Wherever you go to school and whatever your opinions are about fall, you could definitely agree that these 10 things make fall semester a little bit easier.

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Mia Renee Cole - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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