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Aug 15 2017
by Mia Martins

5 Last-Minute Bucket List Items To Do Before You Leave For College

By Mia Martins - Aug 15 2017

Most of summer has gone by, and now we college students are facing down the last month, week or day before school begins. Luckily, there’s still time to achieve a few last-minute items that should be on your bucket list before leaving for school.

1. Spend time with your family. 

Yes, this one is a given, but only because it’s a necessity. To mix it up, try spending time with the family member you usually spend the least time with, whether that’s your sibling, your grandma or your second cousin twice-removed. Perhaps you’ll strengthen your relationship with them and create new memories together.

2. Contact your high school friends. 

Who doesn’t love well-wishes? Whether it be your BFF or your random desk-mate from math class, text all your high school acquaintances and wish them the best with whatever adventure they’re off to next! With the busyness of college and life, odds are this could be the last time you talk to some of these friends for a while (or maybe forever, for the more casual acquaintances).

3. Reread your favorite childhood book.

You know that book you have fond memories of reading over and over again as a child? Read it once more. Whether you loved the story because it made you laugh or cry, or whether it gave you a character to identify with, you may be surprised by how much the book can still affect you. Sure, the vocabulary might be simpler, but the emotions are still just as complex.

4. Create a list of school year goals. 

Sit down and take a moment to think about what you’d like to achieve during the upcoming school year. Make sure your goals are realistic (not “get a 110 percent on every test”) and not too vague (“get good grades”). Goals should be clearly defined but also practical, such as “review notes for an hour each week.” And remember that not all goals have to be academic. Maybe your goals are more career or self-care oriented, and that’s perfectly fine.

5. Be a tourist in your hometown.

Before you leave for college, take a day to go somewhere in your hometown that you’ve never gone before. Whether it’s a niche cafe on the other side of town or the library you drove past every day, go out of your way to experience a new part of your hometown. Now you have a cool memory of your hometown to brag to your college friends about. And if you’re not going away for college, you now have a new place to take your friends.

However little time you have left before classes begin, you still have enough time to cross a few items off your summer bucket list. It’s not too late to make some memories while looking ahead to the new school year.

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Mia Martins - University of San Francisco

Mia Martins is a freshman and Media Studies major at University of San Francisco. You can find her reviewing TV shows under the handle @miaandmedia on Instagram.

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