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Jul 20 2016
by Melissa Hamilton

11 Ways to Focus on Yourself in College

By Melissa Hamilton - Jul 20 2016

As an incoming college freshman, it is best to do you. I believe if you start off strong, you will end off even stronger. It can be very easy to get distracted, especially your first year in college. People will try to bring you down or become a bad influence on you, but don’t let them! Don’t let them get in the way of your dreams and education. Stay focus and reach for your destination, so you can be on track for graduation. If you want others to focus on you, focus on yourself first.

 1. Stay In Shape


It is important to eat healthy meals like salads, vegetables or fruits and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Most importantly, if you wish to achieve your dream body, you must exercise. Either go to the gym or exercise at home. Even if it’s only a twenty minute walk or just jumping jacks, it makes a difference! Not only will you look good and achieve your goal, but you feel good as well.

2. Have Fun


It is extremely important to focus on your school work, but being stuck in your dorm all day isn’t good either. Take a break and chill sometimes. Hang out with some of your friends from back home or any new friends you made. Go to the beach, the mall or even the movies. Relax your mind. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It won't kill you to have some fun once in a while. Plus, if you keep your eyes in your textbook for about five straight hours, you might end up cross-eyed.

3. Obtain a Job


Many students have a full ride scholarship once fall hits, however others have loans they will need to pay. So many college students try their best to find a job soon as possible. I mean the world does revolves around money. Without money, you can’t do anything. So with that being said, set aside some time for yourself to be able to make a resume and attend different job interviews. Think about what kind of job will be best for you and will fit your personality. Think about whether you want a job on campus or off campus and make sure it won’t interfere with any of your classes. Once you have a job, trust me, you’ll feel like you’re living la vida loca.

4. Get Involved


Don’t be left behind! Make sure to get involved on campus by joining clubs, any sports or participating in any activities that may be taking place. You will gain more confidence, leadership skills and you may even find yourself once you do so. Getting involved means you’ll have more school spirit and you’ll get to meet lots of new people. You'll get to be a leader.

5. Transform


Take a trip to the mall. Purchase a new wardrobe and switch up your style. Change is always good. However, if you prefer to stay the way you are, that’s fine too. If you change up a bit, it can make you feel a lot better about yourself and you’ll look great too. Whether it’s dying your hair, a new style or the whole works, you’ll be glad you switched it up. You might not want new friends, but definitely a new you. You’ll be looking at yourself in the mirror like: “Dang, is that me?”

Why should you focus on yourself?

6. More Time for Studying


One of the main reasons you should focus on yourself in college is so you can have enough time to study. Knowledge is the key to success. In order to obtain good grades, there needs to be a good amount of time set aside for studying. You have to put in work, or else you’ll be struggling instead of becoming successful. If you don’t make enough time, there is a possibility you won’t finish college and obtain that degree. However, if you do make time there will be great things in the future.

7. Degree


You made it past high school. That’s one graduation down! Now you have one more to go to since you will be attending college in the fall. If you strive for the best and continue to do your best you will succeed. Once fall begins, you'll start a brand new chapter in your life. If you stay committed  and determined to finish college in four years, you'll obtain that degree in no time.  

8. Bright Future


Many people want to live a long successful life, but that all starts with your education and what you do with the resources that have been given to you. In order to be successful and live the luxury lifestyle, you must have a degree to obtain a well-paying job. So if you’re focusing on yourself that means you’re focusing on your education as well. Keep in mind that your future is in your hands. If you made mistakes in high school it’s OK, but it’s time to move on from those mistakes. You’re officially taking a step further by attending college.

9. Parents


As a college student, it is time to take more responsibility since your parents won’t always be there for you. If you focus on doing you and getting cash, you won’t have to ask your parents for money anymore. And once you stay focused on yourself and getting your stuff together, you won’t miss home or your parents so much. Plus, it will be an easier transition for you once you move in for the fall. If you learn how to become more independent, you'll be fine once you leave to for college.

10. Drama


If you don’t mind your own business and do what you have to do, you’ll get caught up in unnecessary drama. Drama should be left in high school, but unfortunately some people do bring it to college. It’s best to stay far away from it as possible due to the fact it can ruin your reputation and get you into trouble.

11. Come and Go


Don’t give your friends all your valuable time. It is perfectly fine to spend time with them, but make time for yourself! I mean some of the friends you had in high school might not follow you in college. Whatever friends you had, have or are currently making friends with might not always be there for you. They can come inside of your life and then suddenly disappear straight out of it. It is the same concept with significant others. One minute s/he can be your girl/boyfriend, and then next minute s/he’s not. Just know there’s plenty of time for friends and dating in college, but do you first and get your stuff together before anything else.

Take the spotlight and be the center of attraction. Always remember to put yourself first before anybody else! Focus on what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. You are your biggest fan.

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Melissa Hamilton - Florida Memorial University

I am 20 years old and I attend Florida Memorial University. I am majoring in biology and minoring in communications. I love singing, rapping, writing poetry and performing. My poet name is MockingJay and my fav colors are blue, black, & purple, but most importantly I love to write. <3

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