Will Wadas, 24, sparked an interesting thread on Twitter about candied yams. It all started with this tweet.

Wadas inquired what food was on the right side of the plate, and while some people weren't surprised he didn't know what they were, others were. 

Wadas then embarked on the journey to make said yams with the help of folks on Twitter. He used Google and the recipe tips from tweeters. "I could tell right off the bat they were all in on helping me," he said via Twitter direct messages. 

His final masterpiece was this: 

"It was actually pretty simple the only confusion was the recipe said turn oven off after preheating. Other than that with the great people on twitter is was a stroll in the park," Wadas said. "I hope soon enough people will start to respect other people and their cultures so we can end all this unnecessary hate."

Shortly after his tweet went viral, Twitter users found controversial tweets that changed their mind on the thread. 

To that, Wadas said: "I speak my mind. In no way do I think those tweets will ruin what twitter did today uniting and bringing smiles to so many faces. I don't think it's necessary to bring up slavery in today's America, that's why I spoke against it. I understand there are steps to be made but in no way are we as bad off as we were back then. I also think everyone is against riots and the destruction of innocent people's property. By no means am I a racist that some are suggesting."

Lead Image Credit: @wwadas via Twitter