Briana Wiseman, 22 and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, brought awareness to rape culture through her dog in this Facebook post. 

"I want girls to know that their clothing is not to blame for rape," Wiseman said via Facebook messenger. "If a four-year-old pit bull can look at something to the point of drooling, and have the control and the respect to not act upon his wishes, then so should every adult."

The Facebook post has over 101,000 likes and 219,000 shares. Wiseman thought only "a few friends might comment or like it, but never anything like this."

People on Facebook have left comments ranging from agreement to disapproval. 


"[There are] so many angry comments and they all say something along the lines of 'your dog was trained for years to not do that. You can't compare people's impulses to animals,'" she said. "And all I hear from that is 'your dog understands no better than my boyfriend, because he was trained, but my boyfriend is too stupid, and lacks the respect to behave appropriately.'"

We can definitely agree that this pup is a good boy for relaying such an important message.

Lead Image Credit: Briana Wiseman via Facebook