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Sep 17 2017
by Melissa Cordell

These High School Seniors Go All Out With Their School ID Pictures

By Melissa Cordell - Sep 17 2017

At North Farmington High School in Michigan, these high school seniors have a ball with their school ID pictures. 

"It's been a tradition for the past couple years for all seniors to take funny ID photos; it's just this year it blew up on Twitter," said Anthony Damiani, a senior at North Farmington via Twitter Direct Messages. "My whole high school career seniors have been doing it! It's basically the same as any other ID pictures, except the seniors come dressed up like celebrities, movie stars, etc."

"Junior year was when I really started thinking about picture ideas, but it's also very challenging to find an idea that looks like you and to be able to fit in the small ID pictures," he said. "It's one of the pluses of senior year and just adds to the excitement of graduation because you know your almost there!"

While some people only take a few days out of their senior year to plan out their character idea, some have been thinking of ideas since they were freshmen. 

"Since freshman year my ideas have changed throughout, because I didn't want to do something basic," said Raina Choudhuri. 

Choudhuri finally decided on Selena Gomez's character, Alex, from Wizards of Waverly Place. 

"I've been enjoying everyone's tweets about how great our high school is; it's pumping us up," she said. "Our high school is so fun in general, but this is one of the best things my grade has done."

In addition to the school ID tradition, Choudhuri said that North Farmington High School hosts its own music festival and each grade level raises their own money for a prom hosted at a venue of their choosing. 

"Honestly, when I learned of the tradition my freshman year, I didn't think I would find a person or character that would work in time," said Brianna Hicks, 17. "But, I kept searching and finally came across my inspiration for Lavender at the end of my junior year because my friend told me I resembled her while I was wearing a pair of glasses."

School administration and faculty finds picture day to be amusing, too. 

"While I was waiting to take my picture my principal, hall monitors and other teachers had a blast talking to us and figuring out who were were dressed as," Hicks said. 

Kelsey Center, 17, thought of her costume idea a few weeks ago. "I have been looking forward to doing this myself since my older siblings both did it."

Students from other high schools were extremely envious of North Farmington's seniors. 

Out of North Farmington's senior class, Daniel Isabella, 17 said at least half participate in the hilarious shenanigans. "Some of the kids need the photo for work ID's, but it's such a fun activity they can't resist," he said. "Even the seniors who don't have costumes have some fun and are silly with it."

Isabella decided to go as Rick from the show "Rick and Morty." 

"I'd had the thought in the back of my mind but I sort [of] chose Rick because my hair happened to be blue at the moment, and I knew I had a pale shirt and lab coat," he said. "I almost gave up on doing it because I couldn't find a Morty, but 11 o'clock the night before I decided to do it anyway and got to work on the portal gun!"

"This is all super humbling and we were just having fun, but our principal @NFHSPrincipal [Joe Greene] really supports this and deserves a lot of credit," Isabella said.

Lead Image Credit: @abbycoleman87 via Twitter

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