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Apr 07 2017
by Melissa Cordell

Indiana University Students Launch Startup Delivering Milk in Cow Costumes

By Melissa Cordell - Apr 07 2017

Three juniors created a milk delivery service that delivers on Indiana University's campus. 

The service is called Milk Mooovers, and it delivers 2% or chocolate milk to the customers' doorsteps. 

One of the founders, Michael McHugh, a finance major, said in an email, "The person delivering the milk is dressed in a cow suit, which is really the kicker and key to our popularity."

The other two founders are Jake McCarty, a junior at Indiana University majoring in psychology, and Daniel Jones, a junior at Brown University majoring in entrepreneurship with a background in computer science and coding. 

Milk Mooovers officially launched on March 28. Their first delivery was to Wells Library after putting up an advertisement in the Indiana University newspaper classifieds. 

Since then, the trio has upgraded to an app called Gigio, that they created, to advertise their business. The app allows freelancers to advertise their businesses in Bloomington, IN. Among freelancers are tutors, photographers and cosmetologists.

McHugh said: "We created Milk Mooovers to show how easy it is to sign up and advertise oneself through Gigio. If you have an idea for a business, Gigio is the perfect platform to show examples and reviews of your past work, establishing credibility with customers."

The three credit their friend, Evan Cahill, for the actual concept of Milk Mooovers. "One night he had too much peanut butter in his mouth (we were out of milk) and he thought to himself how awesome it would be if someone would deliver milk to your doorstep. With his permission, we worked on it as a house with him, Aaron Schnell, Casey O'brien, Adam Neal and Jack Shockley (who handles our twitter account) to put Milk Mooovers into action."

The response has ranged from humorous to skepticism. "People started sending gallons of milk to their friends at work as pranks or people would order simply because they didn't believe it was real." 

They have made 20 deliveries from the Wednesday it launched to the following Friday.  

When a delivery is made, the delivery person dresses up in a cow costume, runs up to the door, hands the person the milk and runs away quickly. Usually the customer is ready, phone in hand, to take a Snapchat or picture to post on social media. 

The goal of the service was to bring awareness to Gigio and "put smiles on people's faces." They had no idea it would "blow up this fast," though.

Shannon Clouse posted about the service on Facebook, and Gigio picked up a lot of traffic quickly. The boys did not know her, but her post received over 17,000 likes and reactions. 

McHugh was sitting in class on Tuesday afternoon when her post went viral, and "all of the sudden people from all over the country were downloading our app."

An hour after the big surge in app downloads, the founders found Clouse's post. They jumped from 230 users to 1,500 users. People from West Virginia, Florida, California and various other states asking for the service to be brought to them. 

So what's next for the guys? They will be donating all proceeds on Friday, April 7 to the Indiana University Dance Marathon. "Want milk in your class? Want milk in the bathroom? Want milk in your hot tub? We‘ve got you covered. That's the Milk Mooovers way."

The three will be limiting their deliveries to Fridays only to keep up with schoolwork. 

McHugh said: "Download Gigio on the app store if there is a service you would like to offer in Bloomington. We want anyone and everyone to see our vision where one day anyone can start a company like Milk Mooovers and pursue their dreams."

You can follow the Milk Mooovers on Twitter and download the Gigio app. 

Lead Image Credit: Gigio

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Melissa Cordell - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Melissa Cordell is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Political Science and Peace, War & Defense, with a Women's Studies minor. She loves working on campaigns, activism and writing. Follow her on Instagram @meldelissacor and Twitter @MM_Cordell!

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