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Aug 20 2016
by Melis Ozkan

The 3 Keys to Success in College

By Melis Ozkan - Aug 20 2016

There is no pill or miracle that will grant you success in an instant. Instead, there are a few things that you can do to enhance your mind and help set you up for infallible success daily. Through a constant effort of working towards a specific goal with confidence (even if the goal does change), these few things may help on the journey.

1. Meditation

There is an unmistakable image constructed by the media of people who meditate as hippies. This quite simply in not true in contemporary society where people with high-profile jobs, such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, use meditation as a means to keep their mind clear and balanced.

Thus, meditation is perfect for high-achieving and intensely motivated students who feel stressed or experience any sort of anxiety. In fact, there is an extremely useful app called Stop, Breathe, & Think that lets you check in your emotions and physical state through a reflective process. Based on how you are feeling, there is a list of meditations that are recommended. These can range from two to ten minutes and help with sleep, inner balance, and sadness. The accessibility of mediation and the short amount of time it requires to find peace are perfect for busy schedules.

2. Time Management

Not being in class all day offers a new type of freedom that was not readily accessible before. The explanation of having this free time is that classes require much more work outside of the classroom than in high school.

A key to managing your time so that assignments are on time and there is no odd feeling of emptiness when there is actual free time is scheduling. In between classes, it may be beneficial to go to the library and get some work done or schedule classes so that you have one after the other. Weekly planners and productivity apps are some daily options to help keep you on track.

Even taking fitness classes or having club meetings help fill your schedule are essential. When there are more things that must be done, it is easier to be more productive than having free time that may ultimately get wasted on Reddit or social media.

3. Balance Between Work and Play

There are two extremes that students may get sucked into by college. These are partying too much or not having enough fun and taking studies a bit too seriously. The first can cause grades to drop whereas the latter may cause a deficit in enjoying your youth.

After all, college is a place to create meaningful relationships that will last beyond the four short years of undergrad. Usually with trial and error, students find a sweet spot in between studying enough to keep their grades at their standard of good and releasing pent-up stress with friends on the weekend. Each individual has their own balance that gives them a chance to be successful.

The most important lesson to take from finding a balance is that it will take anywhere from a few weeks to a month of finding the optimum balance. How this can be done is experimenting with socializing on different days or allocating a certain time of the day for study and the rest for fun. For example, Saturday mornings can be spent in the library studying and the afternoons can be for student clubs, small friend gatherings, or infamous college parties. 

Confidence is key and best of luck friends!

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