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Aug 06 2016
by Melanie Oesch

5 Things Michelle Obama Has Done For America

By Melanie Oesch - Aug 06 2016

After Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, she was all everyone was talking about. Her speech was powerful, moving and impossible to forget. President Obama wrote a heartfelt tweet about how proud of her he was.

    Michelle's speech was a reminder of what a truly great woman she is. Here are a few examples of the strides that she has made for the United States of America.

    1. She has gone through great lengths to bring awareness to the importance of staying healthy.

    The current running joke is that Pokemon Go has done more for American's health than she has in the last eight years, but that's not really true. She founded Let's Move! in 2010 in an effort to fight childhood obesity. According to all the accomplishments listed on the Let's Move! official website, she has had much success. For example, all of the food and beverages Disney advertises or sponsors must meet nutritional guidelines that "promote fruit and vegetables and limit calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat." The health movement is spreading!

    2. She created the Reach Higher Initiative, which encourages students to further their education past high school. 

    The main goals of Reach Higher are to "[expose] students to college and career opportunities," explain financial aid eligibility, "[encourage] academic planning and summer learning opportunities" and "[support] high school counselors". In this day and age, a high school diploma doesn't seem to cut it anymore. A lot of jobs and other opportunities require some form of additional education. Unfortunately, deciding what to pursue after high school can be a bit challenging, which is why Michelle is here to help!

    3. She empowers young women across the world.

    When launching Let Girls Learn with her husband, her goal was to empower girls by helping grant them access to an education. According to, over 62 million girls are not in school, which has been associated with increased mortality rates, increased diseases, and decreased overall health. We are lucky that in America, most girls have access to an education, but Michelle Obama refuses to turn a blind eye to all the other girls across the world without that same privilege.

    4. She created Joining Forces with Joe Biden to help and support military families. 

    This initiative focuses on employment, education, and wellness. It helps to provide service members, veterans and their families with opportunities to succeed throughout their whole lives. Those men and women deserve so much respect, and it's important to do all that we can to give back to them for serving and protecting our country.