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Aug 09 2017
by Meghana Didugu

6 Anime Shows You Need To Watch as a First Timer

By Meghana Didugu - Aug 09 2017

Anime are Japanese animated TV shows, which have gained popularity since the '80s and 9'0s, mostly for their amazing in-depth story, art and graphics. According to a recent survey, the anime industry has been rapidly increasing for its trends, video games and merchandise. 

Anime is much more than story or art or design. It teaches us some of the best lessons which we can relate to our life. It transcends our thoughts into something greater, making us more mature, and it helps us overcome the tough stages in life. Here are six animes that are definitely worth watching.

1. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

This anime is about a bunch of misfits who take on the grinning teacher, who threatens to destroy the world unless they assassinate him in a year. The anime is a wonderful blend of comedy and seriousness with a hint of tragedy. After watching two seasons of it, I'm sure you'll know what I'm saying.

2. Bakuman 

"A dream isn’t something that someone tells you to go for. It’s something you fulfill of your own will." — Mashiro Moritaka. 

Bakuman is a beautifully written story where we understand the value of a dream, true love, friendship and true rivalry. This anime is so inspiring that we get motivated in a great way to pursue our dreams and make them come true. It is about two aspiring manga artists who struggle, get past all their rejected ideas and make their dreams come true. Animes like this usually take too many episodes to complete. But this one pulled it off impressively. You'll love this series even more if you're familiar with a couple of mainstream anime such as Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. 

3. Barakamon

Barakamon is about a young calligrapher named Handa Seishu, who was on a self-exile on an island because of his loss of temper during an exhibition in an art gallery. The calligrapher re-discovers himself there with the help of the villagers, but most importantly, due to a 13-year-old girl named Naru. This anime is filled with humor and gives us an important reminder to discover the inner child in us who dares to do adventurous things in life. Give it a shot if you're looking for something short and worthwhile. 

4. Tokyo Ghoul

How bad do you think a date in a cafe go wrong? Kaneki Ken's life turned upside down when he got involved in an accident which resulted in his date's organs being transferred into him, who was actually a ghoul, ultimately turning him into a half-ghoul. This is a psychological gore anime, with a dark theme which can bring chills down your spine. The first season shows the struggles Kaneki had to go through initially when he turned into a half-ghoul. It is a must-watch in everyone's list as I think we can relate to it at certain times. 

5. Kuroko no Basket

This one shows the spirit of the game in a way that can get your heart excited and pumping. Kuroko no Basket can capture your interest and exceed your expectations. The anime initially shows a middle school basket ball team who got the name "Generation of Miracles" for their extraordinary skills on the court. For the basketball fans out there, you might find the flashy dunks, passes and dribbles pretty interesting, and for the ones who already watched basketball anime, this will be much more than another Slam Dunk or Dear Boys. 

6. Death Note

This one needs no introduction. One of the most legendary series ever made, Death Note is loved by many across the world. This detective anime series gained attention for its complex plot but it gets a lot simpler when you finish watching the whole thing. Every episode messes with your head with all the plot twists and the suspense. Here justice has two different definitions. Find out which one is yours. The intense drama will make you sit on the edge of your seat as it always gets unpredictable. 

In my opinion, watching all these anime series is worth your time and they actually teach us a lot of things which are necessary for us as teenagers. Give them a watch!

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Meghana Didugu - Indian Institute of Art and Design

Meghana Didugu - Indian Institute of Art and Design, Class of 2021.

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