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Dec 22 2016
by Meghan Field

The 25 Best Memes of 2016

By Meghan Field - Dec 22 2016

2016. What a year! Many events, both positive and negative, helped to shape 2016 into what it is and how it will go down in history: either a fantastic or sub-par year, depending on how you look at the year as a whole. Fortunately, one aspect of 2016 that appeared to continuously cause people to smile and be happy is memes. For those of you that do not know, memes are virtually transmitted social ideas or cultural symbols, often through the medium of text on an image, videos or text messages. So without further ado, here is a compilation of some of the best memes of 2016.


1. Hillary vs. Bernie

2. If Dogs Wore Pants


3. Damn Daniel

4. Get You a Man Who Can Do Both


5. Bae: Come Over

6. Sad Papaw


7. Beyonce's "Lemonade"

8. Skai Jackson Being Petty


9. Bottle Flipping

10. Cave Man Spongebob

11. Harambe


12. But That's None of my Business

13. New Endings for Movies

14. Staring Contest Kid


15. Bill Clinton & Balloons

16. Replacing Family Photos


17. Angry Michael Phelps Face

18. Arthur's Fist


19. It's Wednesday My Dudes


20. Ken Bone

21. Mannequin Challenge


22. Honey Bun Baby

23. Joe Biden & Barack Obama


24. Avocado Boy

Editor's note: Technically from previous years, but too great not to bring back. 

25. Evil Kermit

I hope you all got a laugh out of these and were able to reminisce on the memes that made 2016 more enjoyable. Have a great 2017!

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Meghan Field - Pennsylvania State University

Meghan is a sophomore at Penn State - University Park. She's from Hershey, PA. She is going to major in Biobehavioral Health and Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She has been dancing her whole life and has always had an interest in writing and anything science related. Instagram is @meghanfield.

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