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Jan 25 2017
by Meghan Field

6 Things to Do When Your Professor Cancels Class

By Meghan Field - Jan 25 2017
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It was only the second day of spring semester and I had two of my classes cancelled. Two! The time of year where the weather gets really nasty is upon us and we all know what that means: class is going to be cancelled occasionally due to snow and ice. While it might be tempting to just curl up in a ball with your blankets and take a long nap, it is important to realise that there are plenty of other alternatives to consider when you have precious time when your class is cancelled. Here are some other options you can pursue when classes are cancelled.

1. Get a jump start on upcoming work.

It sucks during the semester when you are overwhelmed and stressed with what may seem like an unreasonable amount of work, so if you have the extra time when your professor cancels class, make sure you actually try to focus on assignments for that class with your extra time. Sometimes your professor will even e-mail you an assignment to complete in lieu of class that day, so checking up on whatever medium your professor uses to communicate and post class assignments can be crucial for you.

2. Clean your room.

Since it is often hard to find time to keep everything in your room or apartment neat or tidy, this is the perfect time to organize your room. You won’t feel like you are cutting into time where you should be studying or doing other commitments. This little tidbit definitely will help you remain organized for the entirety of the semester. If you start of the semester on a bad foot when it comes to organization, it can often be hard trying to get into a routine once classes become more demanding.

3. Catch up with a friend.

At times it may seem like you have no free time to yourself and that you are constantly drowning in work. But if you have scheduled time where you don’t have class because of a cancellation, it is the perfect time to go get coffee with a friend or go shopping if the weather conditions aren’t too harsh.

4. Treat yourself.

Class being cancelled is a great excuse to reward yourself for all of the hard work you have done thus far throughout the semester. Order your favorite food and have it delivered to your room or go out shopping and buy something that you’ve been eying for awhile. Time to yourself is always a great reward.

5. Watch Netflix.

There is often not enough time to catch up on your favorite shows, especially during busy weeks of the semester. With this time you have now that class is cancelled, it will definitely be rewarding to watch an episode or two of your favorite television series and take your mind off of the stresses of school work.

6. Do your laundry.

If it is a day that isn’t looking too great weather wise, what better time to get your laundry out of the way? Laundry certainly isn’t my favorite and I’m sure it’s not your favorite either, so it will be that much harder to accomplish when you have a lot of other work to get done, so take advantage of your free time.

Now you have no excuse to not get things done on a snow day, right? Make use of your time wisely.

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Meghan Field - Pennsylvania State University

Meghan is a sophomore at Penn State - University Park. She's from Hershey, PA. She is going to major in Biobehavioral Health and Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She has been dancing her whole life and has always had an interest in writing and anything science related. Instagram is @meghanfield.

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