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Jan 22 2017
by Meghan Field

11 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

By Meghan Field - Jan 22 2017
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Now that the dead of winter is upon us (except for those of you in Florida schools or any school down south — lucky you!), it's time to think about how we are going to stay warm when we have to venture out of our dorms to go to class, the dining hall, office hours, the library or to meet up with a classmate for a group project. If you do not want to freeze it is imperative that you take the right steps to remain warm when you, as I like to say, venture out into the tundra. Here are some ways to stay warm wherever you go.

1. Invest in a parka.

There are going to be times where a simple winter jacket that only goes down to your hips is not going to do the job in keeping you warm. You will be so thankful in the long run if you have a parka that goes down to your mid thigh or even your knees, especially when the wind chills are so low. I recently bought one over winter break and I do not regret it in the least. Some great places to look for parkas that have great sales are Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bon-Ton or Zappos.

2. Stock up on gloves, hats and scarves.

While a parka is great, there are still going to be parts of your body (your hands, neck and head/ears) that need to be covered to stay warm. You will ultimately be warmer when you cover those parts of your body and the added time it takes to put on these pieces will make a huge difference in your warmth.

3. Get a pair of waterproof boots.

In the snow, the last thing you want is to ruin your shoes or have shoes that water can get through that will, in turn, freeze your feet. It is quite important to wear the correct shoes when it is snowy out, or else you will pay the price later and will be running hot water over your feet to defrost them.

4. Cuddle up in some fluffy blankets.

Not every dorm is perfect when it comes to heat. Fortunately, in my dorm I have a thermostat that I can control myself and allow the perfect amount of heat to come in, but most dorms are controlled by the floor so you do not have any wiggle room to control the heat. Sometimes is can get really cold, so I advise you get in your bed and curl up with some blankets until you are warm enough.

5. Take a hot shower.

If you are freezing and need to take a break from your studies, go take a relaxing, hot shower. It will allow you to clear your mind for a little while and warm up at the same time. It is a win-win!

6. Buy a Keurig.

As much as you love your coffee, hot chocolate or tea in the winter, it can be a struggle to get to the closest Starbucks on campus. By having a Keurig machine in your dorm, you can skip going out to a coffee shop or dining hall all together to get your hot drink fix. It will also save you money in the long run because buying a drink for $3 to $5 a few times a week will certainly begin to add up. A Keurig costs between $99.99 and $119.99 when buying a basic single serve coffee brewer from Keurig’s website.

7. Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

Personally, I am a huge fan of sweaters. They can keep you warm in your classrooms but are easy enough to take off when you are warm enough. Sweaters are not too bulky in the sense that you feel like you are drowning in excess restricting fabric. I highly recommend.

8. Wear slippers in your dorm.

When you are in your dorm, make sure you wear warm slippers. Slippers will keep your feet warmer than socks alone. Better yet, wear fuzzy socks with slippers. Those life savers will become a necessity for warmth sooner or later.

9. Throw your pajamas in the dryer a few minutes before bed.

If you are feeling particularly cold one night and can’t fall asleep cold, then you should definitely consider putting your pajamas in the dryer before you hit the hay. You shouldn’t make this an everyday occurrence, though, as the cost can begin to add up. Most universities charge a fee every time you use the washer or dryer. For instance, I have to pay $1.50 each time I want to use the washer and $0.50 each time I use the dryer, so try to do your laundry at the same time to minimize the amount you have to pay.

10. Cuddle with someone.

If you and your roomie are super close and comfortable with this, then take advantage of snuggling. You’ll feel so much warmer. Or if you have a significant other who goes to your university, cuddle a lot when you see each other.

11. Exercise!

Any form of movement will start to warm up your body. Okay, even if you’re not into exercising or your resolution did not pan out, just try to move around a bit in order to warm yourself up.

Even on the coldest days of the year, you now know how you can stay warm!

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Meghan Field - Pennsylvania State University

Meghan is a sophomore at Penn State - University Park. She's from Hershey, PA. She is going to major in Biobehavioral Health and Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She has been dancing her whole life and has always had an interest in writing and anything science related. Instagram is @meghanfield.

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