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Aug 29 2016
by Meghan Field

10 Ways to Cool Down Your Dorm Without Air Conditioning

By Meghan Field - Aug 29 2016

Transitioning from living in a house with endless air conditioning to residing in a tiny little box that you call your room without an air conditioner WILL be a struggle. Luckily, there are plenty of innovative options that you are able to consider rather than the obvious open your window and turn on the little fan you brought. With many more dog days of summer left, make sure you use these tips to keep cool so you aren't dreading the time spent in your dorm.

1. Turn off the lights

Light bulbs emit heat, so keep your lights off as long as possible. Fortunately, in the summertime it stays light out until eight or nine, so if you keep your blinds open then light shouldn't be an issue.


2. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window

Make sure you pack extra sheets, because not only can you use them as a spare for your bed, but you can get them damp and then hang them by your open window. The breeze will allow for coolness to flood your dorm.


3. Invest in a Chillow

Okay, so a Chillow is a cooling pad that you can place on top of your pillow. It circulates water throughout in order to remain cool. Whether you are just chilling on your bed or going to sleep, the Chillow will keep you cool. Chillow's even have memory foam!!! This product can be purchased online or in stores such as Target, Walmart or Amazon in various sizes for reasonable prices.


4. Create a cross-breeze

Position your fan across from an open window so that the fan and the breeze are able to combine for double the coolness. You are able to do this with multiple fans to make your dorm even colder!


5. Wear loose-fitting clothes that are light in color

This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but you will most definitely feel colder if you wear baggy clothes. The air is able to circulate better and the sweat won't stick to your body then. The same cooling effect depends on the color of your clothes, as well. If you wear a lot of black, navy or dark purple, you will most certainly feel hotter than if you were to wear white, light grey or pale blues.


6. Stick your sheets in the fridge or freezer

This is a great trick to do before you go to bed. Fold up your sheets and place them in a large plastic bag and throw the bag in your fridge or freezer about a half hour before you are going to bed. Take the bag out and put the ever-so-satisfying cool sheets on your bed and hit the hay.


7. Keep your blinds closed

Unwanted heat comes from your windows due to its ability to absorb the sunlight. When you close your blinds, the heat does not come in through the windows because it is blocked by the blinds. Problem solved!


8. Keep your door(s) closed

If your doors remain closed, that will prevent the cool air from transfusing the room during the hottest parts of the day.


9. Drink lots of drinks

Rather than always focusing on the room, per se, take time to focus on yourself. When you feel overheated, get some ice out of the freezer and fill up your water bottle to with a cold drink from the refrigerator. Drinking a cool drink will cool your body down, making your room feel cooler as a result.


10. Choose cotton sheets

When it comes to sleeping, you definitely want to stay away from fabrics such as polyester, satin or silk as that will make your bed hotter than it has to be. Lightweight cotton will certainly keep you cooler because that fabric is more breathable. Also consider getting sheets that are lighter in color, such as white.


Have fun staying cool! You'll be much happier and more productive if you are cold throughout the day.

Lead Image Credit: Alli Stancil via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Meghan Field - Pennsylvania State University

Meghan is a sophomore at Penn State - University Park. She's from Hershey, PA. She is going to major in Biobehavioral Health and Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She has been dancing her whole life and has always had an interest in writing and anything science related. Instagram is @meghanfield.

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