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Dec 12 2016
by Megan Cho

20 Things That Probably Happened Your First Semester

By Megan Cho - Dec 12 2016

With college students busy taking finals and holiday music playing from the radio, it's safe to say that the semester is drawing to a close. If you're a college freshman, you're probably reflecting upon the whirlwind of an experience you just went through. From orientation to finals week, here are 20 things that probably happened your first semester.

1. Got homesick.

You couldn’t wait to get out of the house in high school, but you found yourself missing your own bed, your dog and, of course, your mom’s cooking.

2. Struggled to make friends.

"I hate get-to-know-you games." — every college freshman after orientation. 

3. Realized you're not exempt from the Freshman 15.

Dining hall food combined with little exercise and a lot of stress? It’s the perfect formula for weight gain. You may have waved it off as a cliché joke, but only in hindsight did you realize it was an actual issue.

4. Realized that college discounts are life.

There is nothing better than getting a discount for just being a student.

5. Got used to eating alone.

Eating alone in high school? Yikes! But with everyone having their own schedule in college, eating alone has become a new norm.

6. Made some questionable decisions.

Oh you know…devouring an entire tub of ice cream by yourself at 1 AM.

7. Had an existential crisis.

"Is my major going to get me anywhere? Why do I have to know this stuff? Why am I here? What is college?" — you at 2 AM, the day of your midterm.

8. Had group study sessions that were completely unproductive.

You even reserved a study room, but it just turned into a rant session about that professor you hate.

9. Had good intentions that went awry.

You told yourself you were going to be that person who worked out every morning, ate breakfast and strolled into their 8 AM, but in reality you barely made it on time to class most days.

10. Skipped class.

One class won’t matter, right?

11. Wondered where all your money went.

Checking your bank account was your worst nightmare. Going out a few times really adds up.

12. Didn't recognize someone.

We've all been there — someone familiar waves at you but you’re praying that they don’t start a conversation, because you have no idea how you know them.

13. Aced something.

You thought you were screwed when the professor handed out a pop-quiz, but you somehow managed to crush it. 

14. Faced disappointment.

You studied really hard for a test that you failed. Don’t worry, it happens. Just remember what you need to improve for next time.

15. Partied too hard.

Or had to take care of a friend that partied too hard. That night may have been a mess, but what would college be without drunk stories?

16. Ate late at night way more than you’d like to admit.

Because you really couldn’t resist that midnight meal of jumbo fries and a shake.

17. Skyped your friends from high school.

Let’s be honest, you were low key trying to one-up their school.

18. Got sick.

You took vitamins every day to fight off the cold, but getting sick was inevitable. I mean, dorms and common areas are practically playgrounds for germs.

19. Dealt with stress.

Taking finals in college is a bit like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

20. Made some unforgettable memories.

It was a crazy ride with some memories for a lifetime. 

Congratulations on finishing your first semester of college! Though you were a little nervous going in, you soon found friends to appreciate your quirks, took advantage of your new-found freedom and had an experience no words could do justice. Next semester couldn’t come sooner. (After this well-deserved break, of course.)

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Megan Cho - University of California, Los Angeles

Megan is a freshman at UCLA majoring in Global Studies. In High School, she was a member of the marching band and speech team. In addition to writing, she enjoys making pottery, photographing food, and writing modern calligraphy. Check out her minimalist-themed Instagram @meeegan_c

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