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Jun 29 2016
by Meg McDowell

17 Things I Learned From Being a Photographer

By Meg McDowell - Jun 29 2016

When I first started taking photos as a freshman in high school, it was mostly because all of my friends had fancy cameras and took photos too. Photography grew to be something I really loved, however. I became the Co-President of my school's photography club, I won awards as the Web Photo Editor of my school's newspaper and I got the opportunity to work and freelance for real newspapers and magazines. Through photography, I grew as a person and I learned more things than I ever would have thought possible.

1. You need to be vigilant to find what you need.

Even when I’m not taking photos, I’m looking for people who look interesting or who might be the person to start something awesome. That is who you need to look for, because they make the best photos.

Meagan McDowell

2. The more you do something, the better you end up being.

If I hadn’t had to endure four years of fluorescent lights as the only light source, I probably wouldn’t be as adept at figuring out the right settings for them.

Meagan McDowell
Meagan McDowell

Freshman vs. senior year.

3. Sometimes, there is more than one way to do something--you just need to find it.

You need to try different things to get the best shot: you need to get low or shoot high up from the ground.

Meagan McDowell

4. Patience is a virtue, and it pays off.

I have stood in the same spot for half an hour to get a shot and, when that shot is perfect, I can’t stop beaming.

Meagan McDowell

5. Break the rules.

And by break the rules, I mean the rule of thirds. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, it’s a photo/film kid thing.

Meagan McDowell

6. People have the capacity to do a lot of good in little ways...

I have seen a group of friends invite a girl they didn’t even know, one they had noticed spending the night alone, to be in the photo with them, and I swear I have never seen a smile so big.