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May 27 2016
by Meg McDowell

13 Things I Learned Senior Year

By Meg McDowell - May 27 2016

As senior year comes to a close, it's hard not to look back and reminisce about about the past four years. Senior year especially was filled with memories, late nights talking, and waiting in anticipation for college next year. It's a year that you learn a lot about life and yourself as you transition into adulthood. Even so, there were a few things I learned this year that really stuck out to me.

1. Do everything you were afraid to do freshman, sophomore, and junior year. When the end of the year comes around, you will regret not putting yourself out there.


2. Go to school events, no matter how lame they are or if you have to attend them alone.


3. Prom is stupid, it’s the stuff after prom that’s fun.


4. Life is expensive. You don’t understand how much it costs until you’re too broke to get a gumball out of the gumball machine at the mall.


5. It’s okay if you begin to lose motivation; everyone around you feels the same way.


6. The relationships you build with teachers are really important; anyone who has had to canvas the school for a letter of rec knows that.


7. Life becomes really scary when you realize you are (or soon will be) an adult and on your own.

8. No matter how much you hated high school, there is going to be one thing that you will miss.


9. Sometimes, the only person you have rooting you on is yourself.


10. Take advantage of all the free things your school offers you. Go to the gym during lunch, print out as much stuff as you can, etc.


11. It’s so important to get and stay in shape. Exercising makes you feel good, inside and outside.


12. Only do things you want to and are comfortable with. If you do things because other people are, then you’re going to regret a lot of things.


13. Document everything. Everything starts to get blurry half-way through the year and you are going to want to remember everything at the end.


There is a lot that I regret about my senior year. I regret not being more outgoing, not trying harder in school, and not doing more; which is why it's important to note that most of my regrets are what I didn't do. There are very few things that I did that I regret, which ties into the first lesson on this list. Do everything you were afraid to do freshman, sophomore, and junior year because what you will regret most are all the missed opportunities.

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Meg McDowell - The College of New Jersey

Meg McDowell will be a freshman at The College of New Jersey in the fall with a Chemistry major. She is an avid photographer and journalist. Follow her on twitter @meggiemicks and on instagram @megmcdowellphotography.

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