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Jun 29 2017
by Maysoon Khan

6 Cool Places a Boston College Student Must Check Out

By Maysoon Khan - Jun 29 2017

Boston is a giant city with hundreds of opportunities. As a freshman in a brand new university and place, it may be daunting trying to maneuver around the city and figure out where the best places to go are. Brought to you by a Bostonian herself, here are six cool places a Boston college student must go to.

1. Insomnia Cookies

Open til three in the morning, Insomnia Cookies is practically a safe haven for any college student. Whether you need a study break or you and your roommates are craving cookies at 1 a.m., Insomnia Cookies is there for you. They serve over 10 types of freshly baked, warm cookies, including s’mores and chocolate peanut butter cup. The cookies are also served right out of the oven with a scoop of ice cream, which is practically a bite into heaven. Insomnia Cookies will definitely keep you sane amidst the stresses of college.


65 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 02138 and 708 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

Wes C.

  • 2. Bodega

Ever wanted to feel like you were in a spy movie? Well, walk into Bodega and you’ll definitely feel like you’re in one. The store’s windows are covered in newspaper, and when you walk in, you’d think you were inside one of the many shady convenience stores within Boston. However, when you knock on the "vending machine," it will swing back. It’s really a disguised door and the room it opens to is a high-end shoe store. Even if you don’t need new fancy shoes, definitely visit Bodega for the experience.

Location: 6 Clearway St., Boston, MA 02115

Terje Sollie via Pexels

3. The Charles River

If you ever need time to think, or simply need a beautiful route to walk or run, the Charles River is at your utter disposal. With a great view of the buildings and the bustling streets of Boston, walking along the Charles River is a great way to take in the historic and lively city.


4. The Secret Garden

You’re stuck in a concrete jungle. You think you can’t escape all the crowds in Boston.

You thought wrong.

Nestled right on top of Cambridge Center is a luxurious rooftop garden. Open to those who search for it, you can take an elevator to the rooftop and take a walk through the garden. It’s the perfect place to go on a date or to eat lunch. You can escape the crowds and relax amongst beautiful flowers and garden beds with a great view of the city.

Location: 4 Cambridge Center, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, 02142

]Marc H

4. Museum of Bad Art

Almost everyone has been to cool museums — museums of science, wax, modern and fine art ... But I bet you not many people have been to a museum of bad art. And that is exactly why every Boston college student must visit the Museum of Bad Art. The museum collects the best worst art. It showcases art pieces that were kept by artists despite something going outrageously wrong in the process. This museum teaches an essential lesson an incoming college student will need; even though you will make particularly horrible and reckless mistakes, beauty can come from it, too.

Location: 46 Tappan St., Brookline, MA 02445

Voravut Ratanakommon

5. Graffiti Alley

Nestled right beside a Korean supermarket, graffiti alley is the perfect place to take artsy pictures for Instagram or to simply practice graffiti. As you walk through the alley, you may stumble upon one of the many graffiti artists spraying on new pieces. The alley will always look completely different within a week’s time, and it is an easy place to check out when in Boston.

Location: Graffiti Alley, Cambridge, MA 02139


6. Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by endless shelves of books when having brunch? Located on the end of Newbury Street, Trident is both a cafe and bookstore. You could get a delicious breakfast (like lemon ricotta stuffed french toast) and a good cup of coffee before browsing through books that take up two stories. If that isn’t enough to make you want to spend a morning at the cafe and bookstore, Trident also hosts events like author readings and signings, literary trivia and soon, a Great Gatsby party!

Location: 338 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02115


And there you have it! The best places to visit in Boston at your utter disposal. Easily accessible and perfect places to discover with new friends and roommates. Visiting these places will definitely add to your collection of cool stories you can bring home from college.

Lead Image Credit: Zoltan Kovacs via Unsplash 


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Maysoon Khan - Emerson College

Maysoon Khan is an avid reader and writer. She enjoys hiking in her free time, and will be attending Emerson College in the fall. She hopes to continue writing articles for FreshU throughout college.

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