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Aug 07 2016
by Maya Ungar

7 Must-Haves Before You Rush a Sorority

By Maya Ungar - Aug 07 2016

Sorority recruitment is one of the most stressful yet fun things a college girl can go through her freshman year. And, the experience is one usually clouded in mystery. Prospective sorority girls often can’t even talk to current sorority members in the months leading up to recruitment, as not to be accused of “pre-rushing.” In lieu of being able to talk to these current sorority girls, I talked to sorority alumni to compile this list of 7 MUST-HAVES for recruitment.

1. Figure out when to register by.

Each university has a different registration date. Make sure you not only register, but submit your recommendations or final transcript as needed to the recruitment office by those dates. The worst thing you can do is get really excited about recruitment only to miss your chance to be in Greek life because you mixed up the dates. You can find all of the dates online at your universities recruitment website. It’s also a good idea to contact other girls you know that are rushing to make sure you found all of the necessary dates.

2. Find out if you need resumes/letters of recommendation.

A lot of schools with a huge Greek life encourage letter of recommendations from alumni for each sorority. While these are not required, they are STRONGLY recommended, and you will be at a disadvantage without them. If you really want to be in a certain sorority, it helps to get multiple letters of support from alumni. If you do not know any alumni, it never hurts to try posting on Facebook or other social media. Alumni are almost always willing to help, so never feel bad about asking! However, If you truly do not know anybody, go to your sorority recruitment website. Most sites will direct you to someone who can aid you in getting those recommendations.

3. Knowledge of rush attire.

Each university has different requirements for rush attire, and it’s really important to find out what your university says about the issue. You can look online at your universities sorority recruitment website to find dress code for rush. Some universities require you to wear certain colors, others provide mandatory shirts. If shirts are provided, you can still stand out by wearing cute shorts and skirts every day. Having a unique style is something that makes you memorable. Unless you are a legacy, there are simply too many girls for your name to be remembered unless you make an impression, and wearing unique clothes is one way to do that.


4. Plan for rush.

The actual week/day/few days of recruitment are incredibly stressful and the last thing you want to have to worry about are your outfits. Before you even arrive at your campus for recruitment try to pick out what outfits you want to wear. And, always make sure you know what you are doing with your hair/makeup and outfit the night before. Also, don’t forget to bring an alarm/make friends with someone who will promise to wake you up. The last thing you want to do is sleep through some activities of rush!

5. Clean your social media accounts.

Are there picture of you online smoking/drinking? No sorority wants to recruit a girl who will outwardly make them look bad. Make sure you clean out your social media accounts, even private ones. Sororities will sometimes look through your social media accounts, so make sure the girl on there is the girl you want the sorority to see.

6. Drink lots of water and fuel up on snacks.

I will say it again and again and again: RECRUITMENT IS EXHAUSTING. You always have to have your game face on, and you are constantly walking through the miserable heat of the summer to get in between houses. You will definitely be in need of the quick energy boosts that snacks can give you. Actually feeling perky and like yourself can make the world of a difference when you are presenting yourself to your possible future sisters.


7. A relaxed attitude.

I know this is hard to do with the stress of recruitment, but rush can be a time to meet your new friends, classmates and even sisters. Take full advantage of it and try to relax and enjoy. It is always a really stressful time, but you will create a serious bond with the girls you rushed with.

Overall, just have fun with the recruitment process, and remember to stay true to who you are. You should be looking to join a sorority that truly fits you, even if it is not necessarily considered the “best” one. Keep an open mind going through the rush process and you just might find lifelong friends and home for the next four years!

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Maya Ungar - University of Arkansas

Maya Ungar is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas triple majoring in International Studies, French and Political Science. Maya is obsessed with cheese, the color yellow and politics. Follow her on Instagram @mayaungar

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