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Dec 30 2016
by Maya Ungar

7 #JewProbs when Hanukkah runs through Christmas

By Maya Ungar - Dec 30 2016

These 7 things are things that every practicing Jew goes through during Hanukkah, especially during the holiday months.

1. Latke burn marks

 Latkes are best made in oil so hot that it pops up. Unfortunately, this can result in casualties if you are not careful. Even though the delicious fried potato pancakes are worth the risk, if you are the latke flipper there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the pain of hot oil at some point.

2. Christmas is a month long

Especially living in the south, in the month of December, the phrase “Happy Holidays” does not exist. Each and every visit to a store/restaurant/social interaction ends with a “Merry Christmas”. And, since these people are only wishing well, there is no sense in becoming upset over it. However, that doesn’t stop it from getting very annoying.

3. The cheer disappears as soon as Christmas does

When Hanukkah runs past Christmas, like this year, those PC (past Christmas) days can be very un-holiday like. A lot of people seem to lose their cheer after Christmas time, making the rest of Hanukkah seem less important.

4. Conflicting Traditions

One of the biggest traditions of Jews during December is to go out for Chinese food on Christmas. However, on years like this when it runs through Hanukkah the eternal dilemma is put up. Latkes or Chinese? This year my family decided to go with Chinese food, and it’s the only day a year you are almost guaranteed to run into Jews out and about since there are so few others.

5. EVERYTHING is closed on Christmas!!

Everything is closed during Christmas. Everything. From doctor’s offices to restaurants, the only things to do on that day is go to the movies and eat Chinese food. While this is definitely enjoyable, it can also be quite annoying when you are craving your Mexican fix.

6. Is it Hanukkah or Channukah or Hannukah or Chanuka etc.?

Hanukkah has so many spellings that I had to proofread this article after writing and make sure that I used the same form throughout the entirety of it. Many people have their preferred form of the word, but there are so many variations that no one really corrects anyone else.

7. December babies will at one point have Hanukkah run through their bday. 

For people with birthdays in the month of December, like me (woot Dec. 27th woot), there is always a year when you have Hanukkah at the same time as your birthday. This can be a really bad or a really good thing depending on who you are. Personally, for me, this isn’t a good thing at all. But, it is only once every few years. The rest of the time you don’t have share present time with anyone else!

Lead Image Credit: Maya Ungar's Twitter

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Maya Ungar - University of Arkansas

Maya Ungar is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas triple majoring in International Studies, French and Political Science. Maya is obsessed with cheese, the color yellow and politics. Follow her on Instagram @mayaungar

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