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Dec 28 2016
by Maya Ungar

6 Ways Hanukkah is Better in College than in High School

By Maya Ungar - Dec 28 2016
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It’s that time of year again, it’s Hanukkah/Hanukah/Chanukah/Hannukah/Chanuka/Chanukkah! No matter how many ways you can spell it, though for the sake of this article I’m going to go with Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights always proves to be 8 crazy nights. However, your first Hanukkah back from college (even if that college is right down the street) is always a new experience. Here are 6 ways in which Hanukkah in college is way better than in high school.

1. You value the money more

Just get money for Hanukkah? No problem. In high school, the large majority of us were able to buy groceries and other essentials with our parents’ money. But, in college, that is a whole different story. Never are we as appreciative to get a couple extra bucks than during our first semesters as broke college kids.

2. Two words: Personal coupons

We all know what they are, no matter what we call them. The coupons we personalize to say things such as: “redeem for a one-hour dinner instead of hanging out with friends”, are a college students best friend. You no longer need to worry about gifts for your parents, now giving them the gift of your time is actually special, and something thoughtful that they will really appreciate. This is perfect if you are responsible for more than one gift for them throughout the nights of Hanukkah.

3. Home cooked Latkes!

If you are anything like me, the worst part of college was the dining food. While it is considerably better than high school, it is still cafeteria food, and it gets old quick. So, the best part of coming home is always the home cooked meals (even if you make them yourself). And, this is even more valued around Hanukkah time. Where else are you going to get those latkes from the recipe that has been in your family for generations? Home cooked latkes are definitely something you don’t appreciate as much in high school.

4. Your parents missed you = MORE PRESENTS

The more your parents misses you, the more they think of you, meaning the more presents you will receive! It is a foolproof formula that proves why Hanukkah as a college kid is better. Your parents will not only buy you things that you want, but also things they think you will need in college, from a new warm coat to brand new earbuds for “studying”. More presents are always an added bonus.

5. Family time

In high school, it doesn’t matter when you find time to hang with your family, since you are living with them. But, in the short time that you are back from college for winter break you are trying to fit in both high school friends and family. It can get really hectic to say the least, and oftentimes family gets neglected. However, if most of your friends are Christian (like me) then you have 2 days set aside that can just be dedicated to your family, without fearing missing out with friends. And, while you can appreciate this in high school, it means so much more when you have been away at college.

6. College makes you more sentimental

Finally, Hanukkah in college is definitely more sentimental than in high school. Living away from your family, you miss their little quirks and traditions. Hanukkah is full of weird traditions, for example my family has a very intense candle-betting contest on which menorah candle will go out first, and is a great holiday to feel nostalgic over. This nostalgia is not something you get in high school, and makes the holiday just a little bit more sweet.

Even though Hanukkah at any point in life is a blast, it is especially enjoyable during your college years. So, appreciate it while it lasts, and Happy Hanukkah!

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