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Dec 26 2016
by Maya Ungar

6 Things to Know About Trump's Recent Comments About Nuclear Weapons

By Maya Ungar - Dec 26 2016

On December 22nd, President-Elect Trump tweeted about his desire to expand the United States nuclear arms. This was met with a variety of responses, from shock to terror. Below, are 6 important things you need to know about his comments, told by Twitter.

1. Cold War part two?

 The biggest criticism of Trump’s statement is the fear that increasing Nuclear capability will create a second Cold War. The Cold War was essentially an arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Many fear that if the U.S. does in fact increase their nuclear stockpile it would prompt another arms race between world powers, leading to a possible usage of them, and the elimination of life as we know it.

2. Strong Hand

Many supporters of Mr. Trump have expressed support of his tweet calling for the expanding of U.S. nuclear arms, claiming that this shows his commitment to creating a strong image for the United States in the international community. And, that it is even necessary in the conflictual world climate to maintain dominance. By having an increased number of nuclear arms, his supporters say that this will remind other major world powers such as Russia and China not to mess with the U.S.

3. Twitter

 A whole other aspect of the controversy surrounding this is the fact that this policy decision was dropped by a tweet. Trump has been routinely criticized for not being able to properly and presidentially handle his Twitter account, and it will be interesting to see how his penchant for twitter will translate in his term as president.

4. Reverse Nuclear disarmament

 Since the end of the Cold War, the world view towards nuclear weapons has remained overwhelmingly negative. Many people strongly advocate nuclear disarmament, believing that the world will be a safer place if there are less nuclear weapons in it, and that countries in possession should move towards disarming. While this is not necessarily realistic, the possibility of the U.S. adding more nuclear arms, and the almost certainty of other countries following, would definitely go against this idea of disarmament.

5. Cost of Nuclear armament

 Many also worry about the cost of increasing the U.S. nuclear capacity, especially considering the likelihood of other countries following suit, leading to a spiraling need for more weapons. Already, 16% of the U.S. GDP (602 BILLION dollars) is dedicated to military spending. This has been a major issue for many Democrats, who think that this money can be better spent on social issues, such as helping the impoverished. So, the issue of increasing nuclear capacity will be incredibly partisan.

6. Nuclear Experts 

After Trump’s tweet was published, a flood of nuclear arm and Cold War experts commented on his policy idea. While some were in support, results were overwhelmingly negative, with experts expressing disagreements over the logistical reasoning for increasing the U.S. nuclear capacity and expressing fear of it. 

No matter your view on the issue, we all can agree that if Trump is serious about this policy, it will have a huge impact on the U.S. and the world.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Maya Ungar - University of Arkansas

Maya Ungar is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas triple majoring in International Studies, French and Political Science. Maya is obsessed with cheese, the color yellow and politics. Follow her on Instagram @mayaungar

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