Now that we've all had a chance to reflect after graduating, high school graduates have taken to Twitter to share what high school barely taught us. We can't say that math and social studies were useless, but #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe a lot more outside of the class. Check out the 12 actual lessons we learned in high school:

1. Homework can and should be rushed.

2. Girls are distracting to boys and must be hidden.

3. Good students don't break out in song.

4. Any class can be an art class.

5. Excitement can die pretty quickly.

6. Never take questions literally, because that would be silly.

7. Comprehensive sexual education.

8. Take advantage of all of your resources.

9. Some people are really, really dramatic.

10. Gum can and will be used as a form of currency.

11. Grades are everything and your sanity is nothing.

12. Your "friends" were really just your long-term classmates.

Looks like we're all pretty glad it's over.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter / @basicwhytechick