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Aug 22 2015
by Matt Gehring

College Summarized in 3 Words

By Matt Gehring - Aug 22 2015

Now that we're actually starting college, all the little words of advice are finally making sense. When #CollegeIn3Words was trending on Twitter, the Class of 2019 definitely started to understand what everything meant. Which of these 3-word summaries speak to you the most?

1. Your financial situation could be a hit TV show.

2. You'll do almost anything to pay your tuition.

3. But tuition isn't even your only worry.

4. You check your email first thing in the morning.

5. You're going through a constant cycle of exams.

6. Pizza helps settle the feels.

7. Nobody really cares what you look like.

8. Breaks between classes are everything.

9. Caffeine becomes your best friend.

10. This is your best & worst decision.

11. All-nighters may become necessary.

12. There's just one thing that makes it all better.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter / @BestBuy

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Matt Gehring - Syracuse University

Matt Gehring is a senior at Syracuse University studying television, radio, and film. He's into social media and a major pop culture junkie. Matt is Fresh U's Social Media Director and loves writing about what's trending. Follow him on Twitter: @mattryanx

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