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Mar 29 2017
by Matt Gehring

Club Penguin Closes Today And It's OK To Cry

By Matt Gehring - Mar 29 2017

At the stroke of midnight tonight, there will be a disturbance in the universe…

A part of your childhood will be gone forever…

At 12:01am ET, the classic form of Club Penguin will be closed forever – along with all your igloos, puffles and clothing.

Many current high school and college students were devout Club Penguin members. They’ve taken to social media to express their sorrow.

Lots of people tried to provide reasoning for the end of Club Penguin.

Some mourned the loss of their puffles.

And some fans got morbid with the death of their penguins.

#RIPClubPenguin 2005-2017

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Matt Gehring - Syracuse University

Matt Gehring is a senior at Syracuse University studying television, radio, and film. He's into social media and a major pop culture junkie. Matt is Fresh U's Social Media Director and loves writing about what's trending. Follow him on Twitter: @mattryanx

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